Chipping With A Hybrid

There are many different techniques a golfer can use to chip around the green. I use a plethora of techniques to chip, but one I have not really mastered using a hybrid with which to chip. I have tried it many times, yet I cannot seem to find the right opportunity to us a hybrid. Maybe I am not thinking about it properly. Or maybe I have not practiced enough with a hybrid to feel comfortable enough to make it my club of choice.

I find it interesting that I use my 5 iron the same way Butch Harmon (at least I think it is Butch Harmon) says to use a hybrid for chipping. However, I use my 5 iron in long grass and not in the short stuff.

Chipping is difficult as the best of times. Knowing which club to use when is always a good thing. It is especially good to have a multitude of approaches to for each chip. I have many different shots in my back, but using a hybrid is not one I am comfortable with using.

Do any of you reading this article use a hybrid while chipping? If so, is something special or unique about your technique? Is it a specialty club only?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “Chipping With A Hybrid

  1. I’ve tried it but it’s not for me. The face is far too hot. For a chip like that, I do exactly as he says as in holding the shaft more vertical and using a putting grip/stroke only I use a gap wedge. I get much more consistent speed off the face from it. My irons and my hybrids just make my life miserable with I try and use them for chipping. There is a lot of difference in how fast the ball moves with the bigger clubs depending on where on the face it’s struck and that is just too much guess work for me.

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