Receiving The Gift Of Golf

Over the weekend, I was given the opportunity to receive two sets of left handed junior clubs. My wife was looking a local Facebook group and a generous person was giving away the clubs. I jumped on the opportunity because I am planning organize a local junior day or camp in 2023. The challenge is finding a good practice area that will allow for all aspects of learning, but that is a challenge for another day. For now, I am so grateful that the previous owner graciously offered up the clubs because it helps to flush out my other clubs have in my inventory.

The left handed junior sets are kind of rare. When I was offered the two sets….for free….I jumped at the chance to add them to my collection. I am looking forward to using them this summer. Hopefully, I can set something else.

How lucky am I that someone offered to give me two sets of clubs so I can pay it forward. It is important that I share my good fortune by trying to introduce golf to some young athletes. Who knows, there might be a grateful golfer in the group.

With the holiday season upon us, I am grateful for the new to me clubs and look forward to using them this summer.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Receiving The Gift Of Golf

  1. Hey, that’s awesome. We get lots of opportunities around here to help the kids. From the First Tee program to Chi’s Chi’s school. And one of my clients has a golf tourny to benefit kids in the area too and I’ve been part of that for years now. Love to help out when possible.

    Looking at some numbers in the new app that comes with the GPS watch with 10 rounds recorded now.
    1 Eagle
    34 Birdies
    68 pars
    56 bogies (ouch)
    3 doubles.
    Not sure why but only 162 holes of the 180 are in the counts. I’m guessing there is an issue with one of the rounds that I haven’t corrected.

    We played the oldest course in the state this weekend. A Donald Ross design that was a true joy to play even if we didn’t do well on it the first time out. I hit some really spectacular shots during the round. At least I thought so until I got to the green and found I couldn’t have picked a worse place to land the ball. lol The joys of playing a course you don’t know well. I only barely missed shooting my course handicap though so I figured I did pretty well for the first time out. It’s a bit longer than the last one at just over 6200 and that pushes me in my dotage. 😂 My hybrids got a good workout, that’s for sure. Especially the 5 hybrid. But it was a laser that day so that was just fine by me.

    Shot 5 under tonight though in the skins game. 7 birdies and two bogies. That wasn’t enough to win, but it sure felt good just the same. Lipped out two eagle chances and one birdie chance. Had just one of them dropped I’d have at least tied. lol It’s amazing to lose when you play that well but with skins, it’s all in the timing. I know that no one came within 3 of my score tonight. I just didn’t win the right holes.

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    • Kevin,

      Sounds like your new shot tracker is getting a workout. That is good news it is paying off. The longer the course does add a challenge to most games. I find that I must concentrate just a bit more as my mid / long irons get a workout. It is not an issue, but my up and down game definitely feels added pressure to perform.

      Cheers Jim


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