‘TWas The Night Before Christmas – 2022

As the anticipation grows for Christmas Day, it is easy to become wrapped up in the excitement of the holiday season. After the crazy few years we recently endured, it is now time to find the fun, laughter, and good times again. Every year I try to reflect and express gratitude for all the amazing people in my 3 foot space and this year will be no different.

On a side note, a big shout out to NORAD for tracking and escorting Santa Clause while flying in the North American Airspace. If you want to follow along, you can at the NORAD Track Santa Website: https://www.noradsanta.org/

My 2022 golf season was unexpectedly successful and I anticipate that the 2023 golf season will be even better.

As the excitement builds for tomorrow, I hope your day is full of fun and laughter. Remember that you still have one more day to be nice; if you are not, Santa just might leave you a lump of coal in your stocking instead of golf balls!

I am a grateful golfer! Enjoy your holidays!


2 thoughts on “‘TWas The Night Before Christmas – 2022

  1. We’ll be bundled up just like you this Christmas. It won’t be as cold, but to us it will feel like it since we’re going to get into the upper 30’s one or two nights in our area. Thankfully it will only last a couple days and we’ll still have a chance to play the day before and the day after with temps in the upper 40’s. A real change of pace from sweating on the course. But after that, temps will work there way back up until on New Years eve it’ll be back to 80 degree highs and we’ll be celebrating that too.

    Variety is the spice of life. lol Today was certainly spicy. Course was pretty wet after the mornings rain and the winds were up. Gusts were over 30 and it mostly felt like it was all gusts. lol Spent a lot of time deciding if I need to go 2 or 3 clubs up. It was never just one today. Not into the wind. Downwind was another story. There you were guessing whether your ball would carry or get knocked down all day. Quite the challenge. But we know this course. It may be number 2 on my most played courses list. So I still expected to break 80 but I failed to make it. A couple reasons for that. One is the one I mentioned in my last reply to yesterdays blog post. That really was a surprising difference in how far the ball traveled on the greens off my putter. And I of course misjudged more than once, and hit three into the rough but those were playable. My sand play was fine. I was only in it twice but both times out and once time with a one putt in the other took 2. But the killer came on the last hole.

    I hit my best drive of the day to start that par 5. Got it up in the air and let the wind carry it. And I was 195 out to get on in 2. And I took the bait. A birdie was all I needed to get my 79. And of course I blew the approach and really left myself a tough 3rd. (Actually I was lucky I didn’t have to drop. I was 2 feet from the water against the bank) That shot out I think I hit very well, but where it landed on the green was no help. Downhill and down breeze meant I needed it in or there was no stopping it. It trickled by on the low side, but didn’t stop for 12 feet. Four inches onto the fringe and I two putted in from there for a bogie 81. Oops. Bad call. Should have laid up and pitched on from 70-80. The distance of our practice range out back. My odds would have been better.

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