Weight Distribution During Your Golf Swing

One of my earliest challenges with my golf swing was to understand weight distribution. I tried to keep everything in the neutral position because I thought this balanced position was the key to hitting the ball straight. After realizing that this was not the case, I transition to making a slight weight transition from the inside of my trail leg to the inside of my lead leg. This help a bit with my swing, but I found that I was still not maximizing my distance potential. Now, I have a bit more of a weight shift (distribution) in my swing, but do not think it is enough to really hit the ball a long way. It is important to note that depending on the club we are hitting, the weight distribution will change. Talk about a challenging subject when we do not have the fundamental details to what is considered successful. If you are wondering where your swing weight shift stands then there is video below that explains everything.

I have tried to describe how my weight shift during my swing before with some success. I was never really able to zero in on the important points because I was not sure my knowledge of the weight shift was developed enough. That is until I found a video by Chris Ryan. He is explains the difference in the weight shift between irons and driver. Additionally, his step by step teachings makes it easier to understand and duplicate how the weight shift works. After watching his video, I realized that I am not shifting enough and how I can fix that in the off season.

What I like about Ryan’s explanation is that our weight shift is a movement that requires some degree of focus that will achieve a natural movement. There are many moving parts in a golf swing and the few thoughts in our brain during any swing movement the better. After some practice, weight shift will become automatic and easily repeatable, especially if I follow the tips in the video above. More importantly, it is something I can practice in my indoor driving range in my garage.

To consistently hit our clubs with power, understanding the weight shift during our swing is very important. It helps us keep the proper balance during all phases of the swing, including he follow through. Proper weight shift allows us to control our movements that in turn helps us control how and where we hit our golf ball. If you are a beginner or a player who is looking to fine tune your swing, I recommend examining your weight shift. You will be surprised how a minor change my produce tremendous results.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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