Hitting A Fairway Wood With Success

Measuring the success of any golf shot is in the eye of the beholder. Every golfer has metrics they use to determine the quality of the outcome after each hit. Hitting a fairway wood is the one club that has the greatest of variance when I determine the success of my shot. Depending on the parameters or challenges faced during the shot will have the greatest impact on whether I am happy or disappointed. This fairway club, in my case a 3 wood, is the one club that I shape more than any other and because of its versatility it provides, I am totally confident attempting a long shot with obstacles in the way. How to hitting my fairway wood is not a secret, but I must accomplish one pre-shot step in order to come close to meeting my high expectations of success.


When hitting my 3 wood from the fairway, I do everything that Rick Shiels suggests in order to make great contact with the ball. The contact I make is generally solid and I hit my ball about 220 yards. I can squeeze a bit more out of my 3 wood if I need to, but I am most comfortable hitting the ball to this above distance. To say comfortable within my golf swing, I follow what Rick says in the video below:

As I mentioned above, I do try to work my ball with the 3 wood more than any other club. I am confident I can fade and draw this club as required as long as perform one pre-shout step without fail. Regardless of what type of shot I am looking to hit, I must visualize my shot in order to be successful. Right now most of you are saying ‘of course’ visualization is key to any golf shot, however in my case it is critical to a successful 3 wood shot.

If I take just a bit more time visualizing the shot I want to make, my body seems to take cues from my mind by performing what is needed to accomplish my end goal. I do visualize with other clubs, but I have greater results off the fairway with my 3 wood for some reason. I cannot explain why, but it happens. Thus, regardless if I am trying to shape my shot, garner more distance, or hit to a spot, visualization is the key to my successful fairway shot.

As I am writing this article today, it dawns on me that visualizing with more intent with all my shots will help achieve my goal of winning more competitive golf this year. I talk about finding that mental edge for success this year and visualizing every shot is a great place to start. I will have to ponder this more.

Hitting a successful 3 wood is not as difficult as we think. Following Rick Shiels tips and visualizing more intently will lead you down the path of success. By developing a great 3 wood shot for your game will lower your golf scores and that is the goal of every golfer.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Hitting A Fairway Wood With Success

  1. I struggled with hitting fairway woods off the deck for a long time. No more. I was trying to sweep it not hit it. Works fine off the tee, but it’s just not the right approach to take with those clubs. Today I love hitting them. Off the tee or off the deck. Both the 3 and my 5 wood are go to clubs that seldom fail me badly.

    As for your season starting and a strategy, have you considered playing against yourself? What I mean by that is simply this. We have a ton of great shots in our memories. Whether we are playing the safe shot or taking a chance and going for the pin, we have a shot we hit well to remember. To call upon. And maybe more importantly to compete against.

    I don’t compete against the guys I play skins with. I compete against the best I’ve done on a particular shot. For me, I think maybe it might help me bring those visualizations into better focus. And it takes the up and down of pressure away because it keeps the pressure constant. Always trying to one up yourself. Every time. That keeps you sharp whether your competitor is or not.

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