Do You Have A ‘Go To’ Golf Club?

I carry 14 golf clubs. I use everyone over the course a couple rounds and do not shy away for any of them. If I did not use one because I had zero confidence in it, I would take it out of my bag. No sense lugging it around for no reason. Knowing that all my clubs have an impact to my score, I do practice using them all when I hit the range. Knowing that my game relies on all my clubs, it does not mean that I do not have a favourite. My ‘go to’ club that rarely fails me regardless of the shot. My confidence in this club is higher than all the rest and as a result, when things get challenging, out it comes.

In the past, my favourite club changed depending on the state of my game. This back and forth was not because I lost confidence in the club, but the courses I played dictated which club was used more often. I guess I would set my mental focus on the clubs that best suited my course and I embraced them. This process works for my game, however, I always revert back to my equilibrium when I change courses. I think that this process works well, but I always have one club that will remain my favourite of all time. Are your ready for the big reveal?

Typically, I use my 7 iron as the first club of the season. When I hit the range, I pull out my trusty iron and see what happens after 6 months off. I have always used this club for many shots and because my success has grown, my 7 iron is my ultimate ‘go to’ club.

I use this club for distances between 150 and 160 yards. I use this club to punch out of most challenging positions. I use this club to bump and run around the green. And I use this club to lay up to specific distances as required. You can see, my 7 iron is very versatile. I have grown to rely on this mid iron for a great many shots that in turn lowers my golf scores.

Another benefit of having a favourite club is I can use it to correct my poor play. There were times in the past where I used my 7 iron for two or three shots in a row in order to correct my swing errors on that day. By using my 7 iron, I remind my mind and body how to swing without thinking. As I stated earlier, my confidence in this club was developed from success. I will have to say, though, it is not a Tin Cup situation. I do remain in control and understand that I have to use all of my clubs in order to play my best game. It is refreshing to know that I have a ‘go to’ club when needed; not as a crutch like Roy ‘Tin Cup’ McAvoy.

Do you have a favourite club?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “Do You Have A ‘Go To’ Golf Club?

  1. No, I don’t really have a go to club. What I have is a go to swing and a whole bag full of clubs I can use it with. The shoulder height backswing with a cut off follow through hardly ever fails to bring a shot that will work well enough. No matter the club. Plus I can work the ball with it at bit at least. Little fades or draws become a little easier when that’s the swing I have in mind.

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  2. My favourite club for versatility is my 35 degree club regardless of which era I play. Like you I use my 7 iron as a modern Jigger and it has great utility.

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