World Hickory Golf Day Is Coming!

The Golf Historical Society of Canada is hosting an awesome annual event. I am planning to attend at this time, but need to work out a couple challenges. If you are interested, see the flyer below.

Playing golf with hickory shafted clubs is always a great fun. I have not swung my modern clubs yet, but I hope to before heading down for this event.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “World Hickory Golf Day Is Coming!

  1. I’m sure you’re going to have a blast with that. Not so sure about loaner clubs though after looking at the prices for hickory clubs, it seems a few hundred could get me some brand new clubs I might be able to work with. I mean they offered custom shaft flexes and everything for about half what some of the new drivers on the market today cost.

    No golf for me at all tonight. But I did do golf related maintenance. I got a package in the mail today containing three kits for my Speed Cart. New wheels and brake. And a new kit to fix the handle adjustment. It stripped on me. And the last was just an add on piece so I could adjust the umbrella and gain a little height for it too.

    That was a pretty good deal too. I spent 50 bucks on the cart 3 years ago in a used sports equipment store we have locally. About 100 for the 3 kits and it’s better than new except for the scratches. Bigger, better wheels so it rolls easier. A better brake. The folding mechanism is better. And I won’t have to duck to get under the umbrella anymore. lol Summer’s coming. I’d rather take my shade with me as I walk when it’s over 90 out with humidity levels high enough to create a haze. It’s like walking into an oven to leave the house in the summer here if it’s not raining that is. lol

    Yeah, as our long winters season of great golf weather ends and the heat stroke takes some of the fun out of the game soon, while yours is just about to start. Good luck with those wicked clubs you’re about to play.

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    • Kevin,

      Thanks for the well wishes. I did purchase my own clubs last year. The loaners are for new players to hickory golf who are just thinking about playing. Overall, its is going to be great fun. Good to hear your cart is better than ever. They are a god send for sure.

      Cheers Jim


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