Well Finally! It Happened!

My home course opened last Friday. My golf season is officially underway! Due to life things, I am not able to head out until tomorrow. I have some coaching duties to finish up and lots of yard work still awaiting my attention. Regardless, once tomorrow hits, I will be in full swing and plan to play 3 or 4 times a week. In those periods, I will be using my hickory sticks. I also plan to track my scores separately between my modern and my vintage clubs. I am not expecting much at the beginning of the season, however this year I plan to play some new tracks just for fun. But that is not all!


Every year I have great intentions to play different golf courses. This year, I plan to make it happen. I want to play at least 10 different tracks different from my home course. Due to the limited availability of some courses in my area, I will play some courses from the past, but different from the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. As I have mention in a recent article, I have played the Cambridge Golf Club this year, so now I am down to nine different courses.

Traditionally, I play most of my golf at my home course. This will not change this year, but I want to play other tracks to challenge my game. I find that my game becomes stagnate by playing the same course over and over. Anyway, it will be something I want to achieve this year.

I prepared my golf clubs two weeks ago in hopes that opening day would come sooner. But alas, the weather did not cooperate. With Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort opening, I can scoot out and play a quick nine holes at any time. Being only 10 minutes to the golf course is very convenient. This is the main reason I decided to change home courses two years ago. The extra time is great to have and I am thrilled that the course is open.

As I sit here writing this article, I am visualizing my round of golf tomorrow. It is standard to think about my round before playing, which pays off with lower golf scores. My golf season has started and if you cannot tell, I am excited to hit the links. More to follow on my first round….

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Well Finally! It Happened!

  1. Congratulations Jim, I am glad that you can now play regularly. It was great to have you join us at Cambridge for World Hickory Golf Day. Sorry about the weather, it was the only wet day in the last ten.

    I am currently on our annual trip to Peter’s (you played with him) cottage near Parry Sound and we will be playing three games at Rockycrest, his home course. We played with hickory clubs today, classic clubs are scheduled for tomorrow and we will play modern clubs on Wednesday before heading home.

    It was a sunny 17*C with high winds today which made for some very challenging conditions on a very difficult golf course. Three of us hit for the cycle ( triple, double, bogey, par, birdie) which is very rare to have three of us do it in the same round. In addition, I had a Boeing start (7-6-7) to the back nine after having no worse than bogey on the front. I regained my composure on 13 and finished with a 20 foot birdie on 18 to complete the cycle. It also secured me a one shot victory over Peter and Chris heading into tomorrow’s classic round. Given the windy conditions, I was happy with the 86 (41,45).

    Good luck tomorrow on your first round at Mattawa. I am looking forward to joining you in August up your way with several other Hickory Ambassadors.

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