The 2023 PGA Championship Predictions

The second Major of the 2023 professional golf season is underway. Hosted at Oak Hill Country Club, this course was founded 122 years ago in 1901. This will be the 13th major golfing event hosted by this historic venue. Measured at approximately 7400 yards, it will take a player with a full compliment of abilities to tame this beast. We know who the favourites are (Scheffler and Rahm), but are there any other players who might rise up and challenge the arguably two best players in professional golf? With four days of difficult golf to play, any player starting today has a chance to claim the top spot on the leaderboard on Sunday.

Wanamaker Trophy for the PGA Championship Winner

Of course all of the top players in the world are at Oak Hill. Regardless of their Tour affiliation, the top players in the world are ready to shine. The challenge for anyone trying to pick a winner is not their solely based on the player’s abilities, but which player is going to show up for four days. The rise and fall of fortunes rests on one shot depending on ‘when’ it happens during the course of the four days. This year’s PGA Championship is going to be the year of upsets. My prediction is based solely on feeling, but it is as good as any other metric I have read.

My choices are as follows:

  • Dark-Horse – Jason Day.
  • Finishing third – Dustin Johnson.
  • Finishing Second – Viktor Hovland.
  • The PGA Championship winner – Brooks Koepka.

If my choices are like the Masters, my four choices will likely not make the cut! 😉😂 I chose Keopka because he is a two time winner and played very well at the Masters. The rest, as I stated earlier, are by gut feel only. It is very difficult to pick a winner of any professional golf tournament because the field is always strong and anything can happen.

I am not sure what the deciding factor will be to propel someone to the top of the leaderboard, however it will be fun to watch and I am hoping that the action is exciting.

Do you have a favourite for this year’s PGA Championship? If so, who?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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