Feeling My Golf Game Fizzle Away

Yesterday I hit the links at my home course for the first time in 2023. The weather was forecasted to be cold and wet, but I was determined to play anyway. After coaching baseball, I rushed to the golf course trying to get ahead of the rain. Unfortunately, that was folly and it started to drizzle as I unpacked my gear. I was determined to play and start my season off with a resounding bang. Well, that was the plan anyway!

First tee of my 2023 golf season.

As I walked to the first tee, the temperature was 12° C (54° F) and the rain has started to slowly come down. As I walked the first hole, the rain picked up. It was still bearable, so I ventured onto the second hole. The short par 3 proved to be no better or worse, so off to the third tee I went. Then suddenly the temperature dropped, the wind picked up and the rain increased in intensity. I was dress well, but my hands were very cold. After playing three holes in the worsening weather, I decided to pack it in. I rarely admit defeat, but the cold was the worst of the conditions. On a side note, when I finished playing the temperature as a chilly 7° C (45° F); quite a drop for three holes.

I played okay considering the conditions. For the first time out, I was happy to shoot two bogeys and a par. The par came on the first hole as seen in the picture to the left. I decided to hit the ball with less than 80% effort just to get back into the swing of things. My short game was very rusty, again….to be expected. I did not line up my putts very well because I just wanted to hit the ball for speed (and it was cold and raining). Overall, I played as expected and enjoyed my short time on the links.

I realized that this start is not what I was hoping, but I am not complaining. I was able to hit the ball well enough for the first time out. 😀 I had no expectations and did not worry about my score. I was determined to play yesterday because of the late start to the season and I was grateful to hit the links. I realize that both of rounds this year were in cold wet weather, but that is the nature playing golf in the spring.

Golf has started and I am ready to play. All I need now is for warmer temperatures to be the norm so I work on my game with earnest.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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