Review of Forté Golf Balls

A pleasant surprise!

At long last, I was able to test the Forté golf balls sent to me late last summer. I was waiting until the weather turned warm and my game was at a level where I could make an honest assessment of these golf balls. Thank you to Forté Golf for the opportunity to test these new balls to the golfing market.

My testing conditions were ideal. It was 30° C, 25 kmph wind, and completely sunny. The course was dry and the greens were very receptive. I am currently playing to a 5 handicap and hopefully, it will go lower as the summer progresses.

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Review of Forté Golf Balls is Coming

Now that spring is here, it is time to review the Forté Golf Balls I received late last fall. It is my intention to have something out next week, so stay tuned!

Forté Golf Balls are relatively new to the market. I was approached to give an honest assessment of their product and I am excited to put their golf balls to the test. Forté is an Australian company created by avid golfers and their ball developed was focused on all level of players.

“We’ve created an entirely new formula for the golf ball. The softest ball we design helps those non-pros conquer difficulties—no matter the situation. That’s the entire reason we’ve created FORTÉ.” (Forté Golf) Continue reading

Using Used Golf Balls

A couple of posts ago, I asked from where you bought your golf balls. There was varied responses, but most players understand the value of not using old re-purposed golf balls. Personally, I am in total agreement with this idea, but I understand the value of using cheaper equipment.

However, yesterday I saw something that goes a bit further than buying second-hand golf balls. I mean, we all use balls we find on the course. We look at it and determine its condition before deciding on whether to put the ball in our bag or not. Is there a chance that some players take this concept just a bit too far? Continue reading

Buying Golf Balls Off The Shelf

Where do you buy your golf balls? The golf ball market is flooded with great balls all ready established and those trying to break into the market. There is no right answer, but for most amateurs value over quality is a driving force when buying golf balls. Quantity over quality is the main reason most amateurs look for golf balls. Buying in bulk is the only way to go.

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How Many Golf Balls Do You Use in a Season?

This is a question I posed a few days ago out in cyberspace. I did not qualify how many rounds of golf a person would play or how long their golf season was, but I figured it was a good question to gauge if I am using too many golf balls. As it turned out, I am actually under the average.

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