Golf’s Season Ending Routine

With the end of my golf season just around the corner, I am thinking about some of the many things I need to do to protect my clubs. As my sticks enter their long winters nap, I think it only fitting that I give them a good scrubbing to knock off the dirt. Actually, I think this is just natural, but after my poll, I see that this is not really the case. Continue reading

Do You Club Up and Swing Easy?

On my road to recovery, I am not a physically strong as normal. This is a by-product of my treatments and something I cope with every day. My fatigue and weaker state has not stopped me from playing golf, however I have modified club selection to account for my inability to crush the ball! Continuing to play into the fall, I realize that I am clubbing up more often than not to achieve the same mid-summer distances. After some thought, I realize that changing clubs to adjust for conditions is a fact of golf most amateurs likely avoid. Continue reading

Using a Chipper To Improve Your Short Game?

The chipper is used around the green to replace wedges. The intent is to use it like a putter and the ball will pop up a few feet and start rolling towards the green. This is something that most of us try to accomplish with other clubs in our bag. The more I think about it, I wonder if there is magic in this club or is it all just hype for an inexperience golfer? Continue reading

I Bought A Set Of Used Clubs

Having a spare set of clubs around is important for guests who happen to drop by and want to tee it up. I have several sets, including one for a lefty. Of course none are the quality of my Titleist AP2s, but they will do in a pinch and are far better than any rentals. About two weeks ago, my wife saw the set I purchased in a virtual garage sale and pointed them out to me and without hesitation, we snapped them up! Continue reading

The Cost of Playing Golf

One of the major drawbacks for starting golf seems to point towards cost. I would agree that the initial start-up costs can be hefty, yet I am not convinced golf is really any more expensive that football or hockey. Both sports (and golf) require a certain amount of equipment before anyone can play in an organized fashion. Unfortunately, the first response of why people will not play golf, it is the price of playing. Continue reading