Hitting Something Other Than Your Golf Ball

Over the years, it is amazing how many objects I have hit or seen hit on the golf course. I have hit a few  things, but the majority of objects I have seen hit were cars and houses. It is surprising that we can hit our ball so off course that houses and cars come into play, but it happens more often than expected.  Continue reading

First Aid Saves Lives on The Golf Course

Are you ready to provide first aid to a playing partner who might experience a severe medical incident on the golf course? Although the golf course is a relatively safe place to play, the unthinkable can happen a fun outing turns into a possible life and death situation. Personally, I have St. Johns Ambulance First Aid qualified (needed it for my job) and feel confident I could react to most things, but are you?

***This article was inspired by Mike Johnny’s recent article where his Uncle Charle was saved by his playing partners. It is a very important read worth the time. You can find it at 36aday – Celebrating a life saved and three heroes.*** Continue reading

Digging Your Ball Out Of The Cabbage

I know it is hard to believe, every once in a while I hit a wayward golf shot. My ball leaves the fairway, much to my dismay, and ends up in the cabbage. Usually after a short look and a foot wedge I miraculously have an awesome lie. The times when my playing partners are in range, I have to make a magical shot out of tough lie. However, making the stroke required can be daunting and of course challenging.  Continue reading

Beware of the Golf Course!

Beware of the Hazards on the Golf Course

If you are a golfer, beware of the dangerous hazards that lurk around the course. Spring offers silent foes that could impede your ability to play golf. They are hidden pitfalls that have the ability to seriously injure every unsuspecting golfer. So I warn you now: BEWARE OF THE GOLF COURSE! Continue reading

You Know You Know You Are Having A Bad Day When….

Golf is an exciting, adventurous, exasperating and addictive game. Some days I play as if I know exactly what I am doing. Others, not so much!

The first three holes at Roundel Glen Golf Course, for some reason, are challenging to my game. I am not sure why, but how I start on these holes is usually indicative of my round. I am not sure if it is just mental, but I always have in the back of my mind “You know you are having a bad day when…”
Continue reading