Digging Your Ball Out Of The Cabbage

I know it is hard to believe, every once in a while I hit a wayward golf shot. My ball leaves the fairway, much to my dismay, and ends up in the cabbage. Usually after a short look and a foot wedge I miraculously have an awesome lie. The times when my playing partners are in range, I have to make a magical shot out of tough lie. However, making the stroke required can be daunting and of course challenging. 

This is a lift scenario, not a play scenario!

All joking aside, when I have to hit the ball out of the cabbage I think about three things. These first thoughts have saved me many strokes over the years. Additionally, if I do not use this process or second guess my conclusions, I usually end up with a higher score than I should.

As I check out my cabbage shot, the three things that first come to mind are:

  1. Can I get my club face on the ball? Is there a possibility to make a full swing on the ball without getting into more trouble.
  2. Can I reach the green? If so, is it worth the attempt? If not, how far do I need to hit the ball to set up my next shot? This decision drives my club selection. An important point about this part of my decision process is that I try to never swing harder than 75% of full power. My experience tells me that if I swing too hard, I make more mistakes than I should.
  3. Are there any hazards between my ball and the green? If there are: where, location, and type. Is it worth risking a shot and end up in the hazard? If it is a water hazard. Out of Bounds, or an area that will put my ball in worse trouble than I currently in. If so, I am more defensive. I will say though, if it is a bunker, I very less concerned and will be more aggressive.

Hitting the ball out of the cabbage is a challenge. My process works very well and saves me strokes most of the time. I believe that each shot from difficulty has its own set of challenges and has to be addressed differently every time. But if I use my simple process and stick to three questions, my success rate goes way up.

I think we can all agree that not exacerbating the problem is the key to low golf scores. Do you have any thoughts or other questions I should ask?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Digging Your Ball Out Of The Cabbage

  1. We all go there! You are certainly right to see such a shot as a challenge rather than a panic situation. I try to give myself options – the easier one, with safe but maybe less advantageous outcome, and the more difficult one, with more gain but lower chance of success, then make my mind up based on how I’m feeling that day. I think it’s best to try not to get too uptight about it and just look on it as an opportunity to channel your inner Seve! Cheers, Rob.

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