Hitting Something Other Than Your Golf Ball

Over the years, it is amazing how many objects I have hit or seen hit on the golf course. I have hit a few  things, but the majority of objects I have seen hit were cars and houses. It is surprising that we can hit our ball so off course that houses and cars come into play, but it happens more often than expected. 

At Osprey Links, the third hole sets up such that a line of houses on the left hand side. It sits at about 200 yards and is in perfect range for most players. Personally, I would never buy this house for this very reason, but I am sure the owners thought of that before they made the purchase. I have seen many balls ricochet off the side wall  and roof, but have been fortunate enough never to hit this particular house. But, I have hit others.

It seems that I am not the only one who has hit a house or car. It seems others are in the same boat:

It seems only 17% of players have not hit a car or house. I would have thought that this number would have been higher, but maybe I need to take of my rose-coloured glasses.

I do remember hitting a car many years back. The parking lot for the course was set up directly behind the 18th green. I was not playing all that well, but the closest car was a good 25 yards off the back. There were quite a few cars in the parking lot, so going long spelled problems in so many ways.

Well, I was about 155 yards out and decided to hit 7 iron. Being below the hole was important and as such, this club would definitely be short a bit or at the most, pin high. I hit a solid shot, but pulled it a bit left. Nothing serious because the distance was equal to the middle of the green. As I watch my ball fall towards the left fringe, I started to walk towards my bag and put my club away.

Just before looking away, I watched my ball hit the ground and take a tremendous bounce! I mean, way up in the air. In addition, it shot forward towards the parking lot. Thinking to myself, oh no, I watched my ball land just in front of car and bounce up into its grill. Now my round was officially terrible and I made the 185 yard walk to face the music. I was hoping there was not too much damage, but I was going to own up to my mistake.

As I approached the car, I realized that it was older and the front grill was made of metal. After a close inspection, I could not find any damage. However, I could not just walk away and intended to go into the club house to report my mistake. But before I venture away from the scene, the owner of the car happen to arrive. I explained what happened, he looked at his grill and agreed that there was no damage. We shook hands and that was it.

I picked up my ball and went over to side of the green to see what my ball hit. Even a sprinkler head would not have caused my ball to bounce so high. As I arrived at the sight, I found an uncovered rock the greens keepers were going to remove. It had about 6 inches exposed and I must have hit right on top of it. What are the chances I would hit this small surface; well I have hit smaller things so I can considered this the rub of the green.

Over the years, I have witnessed some balls hitting cars and houses. Each time I cringe and hope that very little damage occurs. Regardless, it is a hazard of building a house on the course, having fairways near a highway, or even the parking lot too close to the course. Such is a hazard of golf.

Have you ever hit a car or house? How about something else not associated with the golf course? Inquiring minds would like to know.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Hitting Something Other Than Your Golf Ball

  1. I hooked a drive pretty badly one time straight into the side of a porta-potty. Made the damndest noise you’ve ever heard in your life. Amazing sound. I was playing with a song-writer buddy of mine in Nashvegas, who as you might imagine has a way with words. He said, completely nonchalantly, shi##y shot dude. Thank goodness it was unoccupied.


  2. Years ago, when I had the occasional wicked slice with my driver. I hit a mighty drive, saw it drifting toward the houses and waited for the sound of breaking glass. Instead, I heard it thwack hard against the siding on a 2 story house. I was lucky. Although that is the only house I’ve hit, I have landed in several other backyards. Luckily, nobody lets their kids play in backyards along golf courses. And just recently I hit into a parking lot alongside a fairway. I did not hear it hit any cars. I also did not find it. I think it hit between the cars and rolled all the way through the parking lot.

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  3. Jim, I must have hit a house or two along the way although nothing specific comes to mind. I know I never hit a car – LOL! Good thing your incident ended well.

    I used to work in a golf club with a couple holes bordering a major road in Bethesda, MD. Occasionally, an irate driver would come in the the pro shop and complain his car had been hit. In these cases, the responsible party is the player who struck the shot, and the club was not liable for damages. It was darn near impossible to track down the offending party, as they were somewhere else on the course or had finished their round, and the driver was usually out of luck. Now when I drive by the course, I notice they have nets adjacent to those holes.



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    • Brian

      I watched a few videoes of golf balls hiting a moving car. That is actually pretty scary for the driver. I can see how the course would not be responsible and nets are nothing new for sure. A course in Ottawa has nets along the fsireay because of the extremely busy road parallel to two fairways. Just makes sense.

      Cheers Jim

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  4. I got a few for you. I pushed and hit a condo once on a par 5. Should have been out of bounds but it bounced off the 2nd floor of the condo back across the water to the rough and I ended up eagling the hole with a lucky 5 iron.

    My brother, dad and I played and on the last hole, a dogleg left, my brother while trying to cut the corner, pulled his drive into the parking lot. Our three cars were parked next to each other with his in the center. After finishing the hole we found he had put a nice little dent right in the middle of his own hood.

    My neighbor had a nice net in his backyard. One day, I hit a driver right through it, over his fence, across the bike trail, across the street, over the little parking lot and right into the huge, thankfully plastic, window of the laundromat. Scared some people half to death, but no damage at all.

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