Hitting The Correct Ball For Your Game

Ball selection is a challenge for most golfers. Often, we are bombarded by ads stating their ball was the best and it guaranteed to lower your golf score. Of course, not all golf balls are created equal, but I am never convinced when anyone guarantees anything with respect to my golf game. However, I did pose a question about switching golf balls during play to maximize performance. I think you will be surprised at what the masses said!

We all know that different golf balls perform differently. The intent of the following question was to see if anyone would like the opportunity to switch golf balls during play to improve their golf score. Apparently, I either missed the mark or The Grateful Golfers out there will have none of breaking with tradition.

With a majority (although it was close) would not change their ball during play if given the opportunity. Some cited tradition as the reason, “play the ball as it lies”, but one reader provided an even better reason:

I agree totally with Double Bogey. It would be a nightmare watching players root through a plethora of golf balls finding the perfect one. Then, cleaning, adjusting, and maneuvering the ball into place would just add time to most slow rounds. Additionally, there would need to be a level of knowledge required to ensure the player selected the perfect ball for the particular shot. It would be a nightmare for sure.

I am always looking for a new golf ball. I have tried several over the years and found certain balls perform better during specific conditions. There is a give and take regardless which ball you choose, so the only thing I can suggest is to select your golf ball, trust in your choice, and confidently use your ball. It really is the only way to ensure you made the right choice.

On a side note, I think this infographic will help with your ball selection:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Hitting The Correct Ball For Your Game

  1. Funny you should mention golf balls.
    This is actually to ensure no one assumes that it is your golf ball they find as we all know you are a better golfer than what is in the bushes at Osprey as of Friday.
    As you are aware in your honour Crocco Mikey Ted and I marked JB on our balls on the 1st Tee as our way of saying your playing with us in spirit.
    Anyone at Osprey that finds a ball with “JB” on it please do not assume that it belongs to Jim … it probably belongs to one of us clowns. Mainly Crocco bahahah
    Jim is a Great Golfer

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jimmy

      I saw the picture. You cannot image the joy I felt and how humble I feel that you would guys would do such a nice thing. It is because of guys like you I am able to weather my situation with hope. Thanks for being in my corner.

      I am sure no balls with the “JB” mark ended up in the woods on Friday, you guys are too good for that! 😉



  2. For most of us amateurs, the golf ball matters the least to our games. This is just a fluke probably, but I failed to remember to buy some and had to use one from a bag my kids, who know nothing about the game, gave me. They are Wilson balls sold at Walmart for 10 bucks for a bag of 24. That one over round I had last week was played using those balls. They are hard as rocks compared to the ones I normally use, but I played my best game ever with them. Anecdotal? Sure. But I think it does give some minor amount of insight into how little the ball mattered to my score.


    • Kevin

      I agree that for the higher handicap player the golf ball matters less. But, for you and myself it will have a bit more impact on our game. I like using a softer ball because of the touch around the green, but loose some distance. It is a trade off I accept. Having said that, I use Wilson 50 golf balls in the spring and fall when it is cool. They are a great all around ball for my game in cool weather. Plus, they are inexpensive.



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