Beware of the Golf Course!

Beware of the Hazards on the Golf Course

If you are a golfer, beware of the dangerous hazards that lurk around the course. Spring offers silent foes that could impede your ability to play golf. They are hidden pitfalls that have the ability to seriously injure every unsuspecting golfer. So I warn you now: BEWARE OF THE GOLF COURSE!

Right about now you are expecting me to launch into diatribe about the evils of a golf course. Well just the opposite. I love golfing and admire the beauty of every course I play. However, there are some dangers that most golfers over look at the beginning of every golf season and I am here to tell you about the top three.

The first is one that most golfers overlook quite easily. We are excited to hit the links and on the first sunny day, we sprint to the course, grab our clubs and head out on a four-hour walk! In our excitement, we forget to put sunscreen on! Yup, you guessed it; the first and very dangerous hazard of golfing in the spring is getting a sunburn. On Monday last, I was one of those people. It was sunny and 17 degrees. Not hot, but warm enough to wear shorts. After looping the course, I realized that I had a slight sunburn on my legs and the back of my neck. Fortunately, it was not serious, but rest assured I am wearing sunblock the next time I hit the links.

The next hazard also sneaks up on the unsuspecting golfer. Dehydration is our enemy on the links. We grab a coffee and drink it as we warm up and then head to the first tee. As we do, we never give it a second thought to grab a water bottle. Suddenly, it warms up and carrying our clubs may not have been the brightest idea of the day. We start sweating, which is OK, but then we stop. This is a tell-tale sign that you are dehydrated, so be careful. If you are hitting the links, you should always carry some water to prevent any possible side effects from dehydration.

Lastly and the third most deadly hazard on the golf course is gopher holes, water runoff ditches, and eroding banks around the water hazards. The ground is unstable in many places and if we are not weary, we could step in the wrong spot and cause serious injury to our lower limbs. I have experienced this years back and a sprained ankle set my game back about three weeks. Personally, I pay very close attention to the changing ground, especially in the spring.

The golf course has many hazards. In my opinion, being sunburned, dehydration and unstable ground are the three most dangerous in the spring. So as you excitedly hit the links this year, remember to pay attention and play safe!

Have you experienced unseen hazards on the golf course in the spring?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!.

8 thoughts on “Beware of the Golf Course!

  1. Nice post Jim. Bug spray is also a must with no see ums and black flies and mozzies that could carry you away. Not really a danger though.

    Cheers, Tiff


  2. Jim, I am with Kevin. Never seen a gopher hole by our lakes but have had a run in with an alligator while playing True Blue in Myrtle Beach once. The gators like to sun themselves in the bunker that protects the front of the par-3 #12 hole. I hit my ball in there next to an 8-footer. Most of the time they will run when they see you coming but I just left it there for that big boy. He wasn’t going anywhere!

    Also need to be mindful of the Canadian geese when they are nesting in the spring. I got too close to a nest once on my home course and mamma goose got airborne and slammed into my golf bag. Scared the &%$# out of me!

    Thanks for the reminders!



    • Brian

      An alligator will win every time in my books. I would definitely be taking a drop. Canada geese are a dime a dozen up hear. Most of the time, they just run away. But they can be very aggressive when it is time to hatch they goslings.


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  3. Down here in sunny Florida, sunscreen should be worn all year long. Dehydration is also a year long concern. But the thought of gopher holes never crosses our minds. But we make up for it with alligators. You have to have ice in your veins to hit a good shot when you land anywhere close to a big one.

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