Second Leg of My Match Play Event Complete

I am in a Gross Match Play event at my local golf course – Osprey Links. It is the first time I signed up for such an event in many years and I just finished the second round of this tournament on Friday past. I played against Dave Vezina and I have to say that our round was very pleasurable and we had some great conversation. Before I go any further, I have to apologize to Dave, the one picture we took did not work….thanks Blair for all the help! 😉 I closed Dave out on the 13th hole, but in all fairness, the match was closer than the score.  Continue reading

Dog Fight Format in Golf

The dog fight is a different format for Men’s Night. At Osprey Links Golf Course, we seem to play this format more often than not. I have never played this format before, and actually never heard of it until recently. Honestly, I am not a fan during Men’s Night because it does not promote interaction between all the players and it does not give all teams an opportunity to win.    Continue reading

Starting Strong or Finishing Strong

Walking to the first tee is always daunting for some players. It can be the dreaded walk of shame depending on if anyone is watching. Starting strong is very important and for many it is the make or break shot that sets up their entire round.

On many an occasion, I have striped the ball down the center of the fairway to only struggle for the rest of the round. Contrary to that situation, I have struggled off the first tee and scored very low.

If you had a choice, would your rather start or finish strong?
Continue reading

Your Lowest Golf Score on One Hole

A follow-up to an article about your lowest golf score ever, I thought it would fun to see were people stood with their lowest golf score on one hole. The likely hood of shooting one great shot is better than for an entire round and the results were much as expected.

To shoot your lowest score ever on one hole takes, sometimes, a miracle or a well planned and executed swing. It might take a lucky bounce or two, but it only takes on twist of fate to make a good golf shot into an awesome golf shot! Continue reading