Second Leg of My Match Play Event Complete

I am in a Gross Match Play event at my local golf course – Osprey Links. It is the first time I signed up for such an event in many years and I just finished the second round of this tournament on Friday past. I played against Dave Vezina and I have to say that our round was very pleasurable and we had some great conversation. Before I go any further, I have to apologize to Dave, the one picture we took did not work….thanks Blair for all the help! ūüėČ I closed Dave out on the 13th hole, but in all fairness, the match was closer than the score.¬†

Dave and I played a Men’s night round about 6 weeks back. We were randomly paired together and until Friday were not able to play together. As we met on the first tee, Dave indicated that he was happy we were playing together again and I whole-heartedly agreed. Dave is a great guy and his game is improving all the time.

After discussing handicaps, I quickly realized that Dave would have to shoot lights out to beat me (as long as I played my handicap). As it turned out, I did play my handicap and was up 5 at the turn. However, to be fair to Dave, I made two excellent up and down plays out of the sand, my driver was laser straight, and chipping was solid. Except to one bad swing on the front, I played a very solid 9 holes.

Dave matched me stroke for stroke on most holes. Unfortunately, he struggled out of the sand and it cost him 3 holes. Normally a player who keeps the ball on the short grass, Dave seemed to be a magnet to the sand. If he had avoided those 3 traps, the score on the front would have been much closer.

The back was more challenging for Dave. I opened with a par, birdie, par, bogey and after 13 holes I was up 6 with 6 to go. Through our conversations, Dave knew I had company coming and he graciously conceded the round and we walked off the course. Thanks Dave, my guests arrived about 30 minutes before I arrived. I am grateful to have spent more time with them.

The golf was great during our round, but the conversation was really the highlight for me. Dave and I discussed many golf related topics and delved into our personal lives just a bit. We both appreciated our positive outlooks and felt this greatly enhanced our round. It will not happen this week, but I hope to play a round or two with Dave before the season ends.

The competition aspect of any Match Play event is fun. However, being new to the course, this tournament hosted by Osprey Links gives me an opportunity to meet many of the members and to establish a network of golfers to play a few rounds with each year. As I have stated before, golf is a contact sport  and I am grateful to moving on to the third round and playing Mike Crocco.

When is the last time you played golf with someone new?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

4 thoughts on “Second Leg of My Match Play Event Complete

  1. Jim,

    Closing someone out on 13 is some good playing! Well done.

    I actually have a match after work today in a left-handers only season long match play with someone I’ve never played with before. It’s the semi-final. It’s a net competition so I suspect I’ll be giving away a lot of strokes, but if I play well I should have a good chance.

    Cheers and keep up the good play!

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  2. Jim, congrats on your victory. Sounds like you are still in excellent form. I love the gross format you are playing as long as the field is flighted appropriately. When nobody’s giving anyone strokes, there is no sandbagging; pure golf.

    Good that you are meeting new folks at your new club as well. I love playing with new people and often get the chance as my regular group is usually less than four and we pick up a single. Was playing yesterday in some rainy breezy conditions and the course wasn’t letting carts out. The place was refreshingly empty, except for us walkers, and my friend and I were caught on the 7th tee by a single. He played along for the remainder of the round and we very much enjoyed his company.



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    • Brian

      Thanks for the kind words. I am looking forward to the next leg. It is great to hear that you let the single join you. The social side of golf is an often overlooked aspect of playing. Having a stranger watch your game is also practice for competition. I am sure the person you asked to join your group enjoyed the company. Hope you are playing well.


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