Dog Fight Format in Golf

The dog fight is a different format for Men’s Night. At Osprey Links Golf Course, we seem to play this format more often than not. I have never played this format before, and actually never heard of it until recently. Honestly, I am not a fan during Men’s Night because it does not promote interaction between all the players and it does not give all teams an opportunity to win.   

The format for a Dog Fight is pretty simple. Over the course of 9 holes, each player must play independently for two holes and a scramble for 7. This means that each player in the group has the pressure of shooting the best score they can, twice in 9 holes. And then both scores are added together!

Having the pressure of shooting your own score is difficult for many players and as a result, high numbers generally occur. Unless a group has 4 strong players, there is nothing fair about the Dog Fight format.

The positive aspect of this event is that there several divisions and the manager of Osprey Links flights the scores; so no matter how we play, there is an opportunity to win a prize. Speaking of prizes, there is also the circle holes on par 3s and one longest putt per nine. These are fun events and last week, one of my playing partners hit the ball within the circle on the par 3, 8th hole and won a prize.

Men’s Night is supposed to be fun, relaxing and a little competitive. Unfortunately, Dog Fight does not offer any of these things. I will continue to attend Men’s Night because I enjoy playing with golf with my friends, but I hope they replace Dog Fight with something else.

What is your favorite format for Men’s Night?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Dog Fight Format in Golf

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  2. With 80-90 scores I assume you have to be playing a total of 18 holes? So 4 individual holes total? And are the individual holes chosen for you in advance or do you choose which holes yourself? And if they choose, is there consistency with the criteria for the choices? Just curious.

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    • Kevin,

      It is 9 holes, but two scores count. The single and the scramble. So it is like 18 holes. The individual is selected after the drives, but each player has to play single for two of the 9 holes. The criteria for selection is the players ability, drive, length of hole, and a lot of luck! It is a great format for a strong field, but not a mixed field.



  3. My club has an annual mens tournament with same format only 18 holes and 4 individual score holes per person. It is a well attended event with blind ABCD draw. Several members get quite stressed out on their individual holes.

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  4. Jim, I had not heard of Dog Fight until I read your post. I am in agreement because a format shouldn’t move from a team style event to individual in the same outing. Pitting teammates against one another for two holes feels a bit off. For men’s night, I would enjoy a captain’s choice scramble with the requirement that each player’s drive be used once (assuming you’re playing nine holes). Also, each team should be made up with an A, B, C, and D player.



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    • Brian

      I agree, I forgot to added that the individual and scramble scores are added together to create a team score. As a result, there are many scores in the high 80s and 90s. Not much fun for a Men’s Night. Hope you played well over the weekend. Happy 4th of July!


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