The Greatest Hits of Golf

I was thinking about how my greatest hits in golf are rooted in the simplicity of perfection. Rick Williams, one of my original followers of The Grateful Golfer, routinely talks about how music puts him in the mood to cook. Following his lead, I decided to think of what type of music I would listen too on the range to help me groove my swing that would lead to my greatest hits of golf!

After giving it some thought, I found two ‘greatest hits’ CDs that would work to get me focused on my swing and provide me something new to hum when on the course. I am not an expert, but my many years as an athlete has taught me that music, the right music, can enhance my performance. In the case of golf, I need something that will put me in the proper mind-set to perform well and the right tempo to help with my swing.

Does music improve your golf game?

So, I decided to buy two ‘greatest hits’ CDs that I think will help me achieve my goals. The first album is Queen’s Greatest Hits (with Freddie Mercury). This album is designed to get me pumped and excited to play golf. It is something I would use before going to the range to focus my efforts on playing well.

The second CD is Abba’s Greatest Hits. This album has some great tempo songs and I am looking forward to finding the exact song I need to improve my game. I have listen to Abba before know there is a song in there for me.

This experiment is going to be fun. Regardless, I will listen to some great music as I play the game I love. I am not sure it is going to work, but I have heard that many players listen to music to when practicing. I guess the real trick is to pick the music that best suits my game.

Do you listen to music when practicing on the range?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “The Greatest Hits of Golf

  1. Having created Great Golf Hits, golf parodies of classic rock songs, I write to suggest that these golf parody songs are quite possibly the best golf lyrics ever written. I wrote the lyrics and had some great guys and gals make the recordings for me. On the Great Golf Hits website you are able to hear song samples, read the story line of each song, and view some sample comments by GGH customers. The sub title on the back cover is Golf Songs For Singing And Swinging. Best wishes for your 2017 golf season! Stan Buzas, PGA Golf Professional, Life Member


  2. Great music choices. Both bands are on my play list too. I don’t listen on the range, but I do on the course if it is ok with those I play with. No headphones as they bother me while swinging. I just keep the volume low enough that you can’t hear it unless you are close enough. I can’t really do that on the range so I just leave it off there. Besides, that’s where I want to concentrate on the mechanics of my swing and I don’t find music helpful for that.

    My game is adversely effected by slow play, and I often play alone, so having music on the course helps keep me from getting annoyed at the slower players and that helps me stay in my game.

    I ask anyone I play with to let me know if it bothers them first, and usually give a joking explanation about needing the help as I don’t have any natural rhythm. So far, no one has ever complained and most want me to turn up the volume so they can hear too.

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  3. Jim, I’m hoping your graphic with the headphones is indicative of how you plan to implement. I was on the range Wednesday with a guy blasting music on his phone for all to hear. It’s clear some folks just don’t have a clue.

    Thanks and good luck with your experiment!


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  4. Hey Jim, yep I listen to music on the range when it is quiet enough so not to disturb others. I don’t have ear pieces in because I want to hear the sound of my ball strike as well as the feel so I have my iPad on low next to me but still loud enough to get me in the right mood.

    When I was training for a major championship in early ’14 I listened to one song over and over and over again on the range, on the putting green, in the gym, everywhere, ‘Hall of Fame’ by The Script., the rhythm, the lyric, everything helped me focus.

    In ’16 for the same championship training schedule I listened to ‘What Are You Waiting For’ by Nickelback, again, at the time, it just worked for me.

    So for me it was more about what the song meant than the benefits of listening to something with a useful tempo for golf, either way, music does work to improve your golf i am sure.

    Swing easy!
    Paul at Team Blind Apple

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    • Paul

      Thanks for weighing in. I have an IPod I plan to use with headphones. I will check out your two songs, I am sure I have heard them before, but I am terrible at placing music titles to songs.



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