Spending Time at The Golf Course

Anyone working through an injury understands my frustration with not spending any time on the golf course. As I work through my medical issues, I often find myself playing a round of golf in my head. Surprisingly, I never miss a shot, but lip out a few putts (haha). Well yesterday, I decided to drop by Osprey Links and meet up with my friends looping the course. Continue reading

If Time Was Not a Factor in Golf

Time is always precious. There never seems enough of it to do the things we want to accomplish. There is always something pulling us multiple directions and that creates many challenges to our golf game. But what if time was an irrelevant factor. What would your change to improve your golf game. Some would say nothing because it is only leisure activity; while others….. Continue reading

How Much Time Do You Need?

Time is a precious gift. I have talked about time in the past, but more about how long it takes to play a round a golf or to practice or even to work out the kinks. Time is important when hitting the links. However, to rush time on the course can cost you a great deal and negatively impact your score. Specifically, the time it takes to make a golf shot. For my game, it is important to use this time wisely. Continue reading

What is Stopping You From Playing Golf?

What is stopping you from playing golf? Which hurdle is greater than all others that prevents golfers from looping the course as often as they would like. The answer is not complex, however many pundits point to economic reasons and various customer service theories for the lack of participation.

I am not convinced the pundits are correct. Sometimes the simple answer is overlooked because it is…well…too simple! Golfing is an addictive sport/game/hobby that accepts any level of commitment. The challenge for most is figuring out how much effort they want to expend hitting the links.

Continue reading

Golf is All About Time


Time is precious for a golfer!

Time is a valuable commodity for a golfer. Whether we have time to practice, get in a quick 18 or 9, time to research or time just to enjoy our favorite Major on TV. Time, Time, Time – it is so precious!

Golfers talk about time in the form of pace of play, swing tempo, lining up shots, time on the green, or the time it takes a player to make a decision about their next shot! No matter, time plays an important part of every players game.

Even the great players have discussed time on the course, towards growing the game, giving back to their community, or just having the time to make the need changes to score well on Tour. Time effects all aspects of their lives. The great Ben Hogan summed up time the best when he quipped:

Daylight Ben Hogan

Worrying about time can have some detrimental effects to our game! It can cause us to speed up our swing, make poor decisions, disregard course management and just plain give up on a shot. Time has the power to destroy your round and conversely make your round the best ever!

Now, lets stop and think about this for a minute. Does time really have the power over us or doe we let power control our lives to some extent? I believe that we have to power to control time! Time can be an irrelevant factor with respect to our golf game; only if we allow ourselves to make it so!

It is difficult to put into words, but one of my views of golf is that time is not a factor in my game. My pace of play is always good, so the rest of the effects of time is controlled by one thing…..me. I like routine and consistency in my approach to golf; every shot takes a certain amount of time and I use it all, every time. It is important to develop the proper habits that work for you so time does not have a negative affect on your game. Over the coming months, I will use time as the basis for discussion. I hope you have the time to read them!

During the off-season, I make the time to learn, train, and imagine about my upcoming success in my 2016 golf season. I leverage time to do all the fun things in my life – golf is just one – and ensure my time is spent in the best way possible! As your off-season unfolds (and golf season for some) keep in mind that time is only as relevant as you make it!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.