If Time Was Not a Factor in Golf

Time is always precious. There never seems enough of it to do the things we want to accomplish. There is always something pulling us multiple directions and that creates many challenges to our golf game. But what if time was an irrelevant factor. What would your change to improve your golf game. Some would say nothing because it is only leisure activity; while others…..

As it is, I spend time writing, reading, training, preparing and playing golf everyday. It is something I enjoy doing, but if I removed, lets say work, that would free up more time to devote to whatever I want. I just wonder if it would be golf.

The only area I would change if time was not a factor was my practice time. I do go to the range throughout the year, but nearly as much as I should. I love to play and as a result I spend most of my time on the course. I think my response is a popular one, especially with avid players like myself. There never seems to be enough time to practice. Or is there?

In reality, there is enough time for everything, I just need to manage it a bit better. In the summer, I am not much of a TV watcher, so that is not a real factor. I love to spend time working in my yard, so I do not want to take time from there. I love to kayaking, walking, and spending time with my wife, cannot limit that. So where do I grab more time to practice? It has to come from the course.

If I really want to improve, I will need to organize my time at the course a bit better. Instead of hanging around chatting with my friends, which I do on the course anyway, take an extra 15 minutes chipping and putting. I already spend sometime warming up, but that extra 15 minutes would make a tremendous difference. Also, I have the time to chip and putt after my round. Another 15 minutes would not hurt for sure. It really is all about managing the time I have at the course.

I will have to give this some more thought. Changing is easier said than done, but it might be a focus area for next year. How do you manage your golf time?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


9 thoughts on “If Time Was Not a Factor in Golf

  1. Hey Jim,

    Like you, sometimes I also wonder if I can actually find more time, or if I just have to make better use of the time I do have at the course. I am going to give this some deeper thought as well — thanks!


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  2. We all have spare time during the week. The problem is that it’s not something we can schedule and/or are in large enough chunks to allow for trips to the range or course. I suggest a net as the solution to the problem. Spend $500 or so on a good net/mat combo and you can quadruple your practice in just your spare time during the week plus have no excuse to not be warmed up before you get to the course.

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  3. Jim, for years, I’d play once per week and practice once. In 2017, I made the commitment to add a mid-week practice which definitely helped my game. But this is far from ideal. Best case scenario, I’d have the time to play three times and practice twice every week. Work is the big blocker for me, but I learned that even with work, there is plenty of time in the day to add practice sessions. You just have to commit to it and make the sacrifice somewhere else. The sacrifice is the key. What are you going to give up?



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  4. Hi Jim, was watching the Australian Open, where the final group received a coupe of warnings for time keeping. But they were the last group, no one behind them, what would an extra five minutes really mean. After the first warning the leader, who had previously played good golf, and had a decent lead, suddenly started to drop shots. Is this really what the golfing authorities want to see.

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    • Pete

      Everyone has to play by the same rules. Even though they leaders had no one behind them, they still have to keep up to the group in front. This is an ongoing debate and I have played in rounds that took 6.5 hours to complete. We were in the last group and waited on every shot. It really is a tough question that can only be taken back to what the rules lay out. It is unfortunate that the player started to shoot poorly, not sure I know how to fix it though.


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      • I think it was the TV people who put pressure on the USGA and R&A to get the round finished during the telecast. The players do waste a lot of time, talking over every shot with the caddie, when really they should make up their own mind which club to use.

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