What I Miss About Golf

I am sitting at my computer early Saturday morning writing an article for Sunday. I generally try to stay 24 hours ahead of my self-imposed due dates because a fixed schedule helps me keep my creative juices flowing.

Sunday the temperature is dropping to -3° C and it is going to start snowing again. Man I miss the warm sunny days of golf. It is easy to lament about my long winters nap, but that would be counter productive to my view of keeping a positive attitude. So, lets just do this…..

This hole provides a welcomed challenge of driving the ball.

Playing competitive golf is always fun!


One of my favorite shots at Osprey Links Golf Course.


I even miss playing in the rain!

So, I will wait patiently for the weather to change. Visualize my success for next season and be thankful for my wonderful life. Besides, who can forget that….

Have an awesome Sunday!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!