Golf is All About Time


Time is precious for a golfer!

Time is a valuable commodity for a golfer. Whether we have time to practice, get in a quick 18 or 9, time to research or time just to enjoy our favorite Major on TV. Time, Time, Time – it is so precious!

Golfers talk about time in the form of pace of play, swing tempo, lining up shots, time on the green, or the time it takes a player to make a decision about their next shot! No matter, time plays an important part of every players game.

Even the great players have discussed time on the course, towards growing the game, giving back to their community, or just having the time to make the need changes to score well on Tour. Time effects all aspects of their lives. The great Ben Hogan summed up time the best when he quipped:

Daylight Ben Hogan

Worrying about time can have some detrimental effects to our game! It can cause us to speed up our swing, make poor decisions, disregard course management and just plain give up on a shot. Time has the power to destroy your round and conversely make your round the best ever!

Now, lets stop and think about this for a minute. Does time really have the power over us or doe we let power control our lives to some extent? I believe that we have to power to control time! Time can be an irrelevant factor with respect to our golf game; only if we allow ourselves to make it so!

It is difficult to put into words, but one of my views of golf is that time is not a factor in my game. My pace of play is always good, so the rest of the effects of time is controlled by one thing… I like routine and consistency in my approach to golf; every shot takes a certain amount of time and I use it all, every time. It is important to develop the proper habits that work for you so time does not have a negative affect on your game. Over the coming months, I will use time as the basis for discussion. I hope you have the time to read them!

During the off-season, I make the time to learn, train, and imagine about my upcoming success in my 2016 golf season. I leverage time to do all the fun things in my life – golf is just one – and ensure my time is spent in the best way possible! As your off-season unfolds (and golf season for some) keep in mind that time is only as relevant as you make it!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.


10 thoughts on “Golf is All About Time

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  3. Aloha Jim,

    Even in Hawaii there are demands on my time. When I can make an activity do double duty, it gets an higher priority.

    I look forward to your posts – and will make time to read them.

    A Hui Hou,

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  4. So…more a “priority” thing vs. “time”?

    I do find that I choose where I’ll play and what time of day dependent on pace of play reputation. I do have four hours sometimes, but I DON’T have 5.5, so I know what to avoid.

    Life in general happens in my own world, and my golf tends to take a back seat….for now


    • Rick,

      You are definitely following where I am leading. Priority is going to be a theme of my upcoming blogs. Selecting when to play is as important as where to play. Thanks for leading the discussion. Hope all is well!



      • Looking forward to seeing where you are headed with this then. I’m going to guess you’re going to touch on the “state of the game” and participation levels, too.

        So many moving parts in the industry – and at least 4 primary segments of players…rock on, Jim.

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      • Rick,

        I had intended to talk about those and other areas. I think we forget that golf is large industry in North America and that there are many sub issues that people forget about. Participation, cost, expectations, and value are just some areas I want to discuss. Thanks for listening and if you have any advice along the way, please do not hesitate to share!



      • So many “little” things that impact the industry Jim. You’re an “avid” player/consumer, and I’ve got the weird PGA member/occasional golfer/consumer view.

        We have the opportunity, with the rest of the golfers we both interact with, to dig deeper into what drives play. That’s pretty cool 🙂


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