How Much Time Do You Need?

Time is a precious gift. I have talked about time in the past, but more about how long it takes to play a round a golf or to practice or even to work out the kinks. Time is important when hitting the links. However, to rush time on the course can cost you a great deal and negatively impact your score. Specifically, the time it takes to make a golf shot. For my game, it is important to use this time wisely.

From the moment I reach my ball, the clock is ticking. There is a fine line between hurrying and lagging. It is a rhythm I must achieve to ensure I mentally and physically ready to hit my next shot. Before I explain my process, I thought it important to share what other golfers think their perfect time is to make a golf shot:

From the moment they reach their ball, they think that they select their club, pick their line, set their alignment and complete their swing. I suppose this is possible, but I think many underestimate how much time it actually takes to make a golf shot.

I figure it takes me about 40 seconds to make a shot. I come to this average time my following calculations. It took me 135 minutes to play 18 holes of golf. This is about 5 kilometers. I can walk 5 kilometers in approximately 60 minutes. Give I am not walking in a straight line, I estimate an additional 35 minutes of walking, which leaves about 50 minutes of swinging. I average a score of 75 and therefore, each stroke takes about 40 seconds.

This 40 seconds is a comfortable time to make a shot. During this period, I select my club, check my ball, go through my pre-shout routine, align my shot and hit the ball. It all takes about 40 seconds. Of course there are times when I take a bit longer and others shorter. But, on average, I take about 40 seconds to make a shot.

I find that if I rush or extend this time I seem to lose control of my game. I lose my mental focus and as a result my scores suffer. I can assure you that my best golf scores, my measurement of how well I play most days, occurs when I average 40 seconds per golf shot. This time sets my rhythm for my swing and conversely for my entire game.

Time is important. The right swing for you has a specific rhythm that is driven by time. The more consistent, the better your overall game will be. How much time do you take to complete a your golf swing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

The article was written by Jim Burton at The Grateful Golfer blog.

4 thoughts on “How Much Time Do You Need?

  1. Jim,
    Like Paul, I have no idea how long my routine takes but it’s definitely consistent. What I notice most is when my routine is rushed. That can get me out of sync real quick. Doesn’t happen often but might come into play if I’m the only player in the group that is walking. If I fail to out drive the other players, I need to hustle to get to my ball and play first. When play is slow, I can easily adjust until it’s my turn, and then the clock can comfortably start.
    Nice post, thanks!

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  2. Hey Jim, really interesting thought process.

    I don’t know how long it takes me, although I do know I have a consistent routine and am sure it is a similar time each time, creating the rhythm as you say.

    Due to my poor vision I work mainly on numbers, so the initial time I spend when I get to my ball is to work out the exact distance to the pin, I will have worked out where the pin is prior to reaching the ball.
    Then the usual stuff like everyone else, what the terrain is like, what the wind is doing and so on…
    Then, on occasion at my own club, I may need some alignment from playing partners, then I pull the trigger (New courses are different, I also need to check things out with my binocs first so it adds a bit to the time.)

    Many years ago a guy at my old club ,mentioned to a friend of mine that I was a slow player and to his credit my buddy corrected him an said that was not true, other than the occasional additional help required I am as quick, if not quicker, as the next guy.

    I am intrigued now, I am going to measure my time next time out and also I have a round on a new course to me next Monday so will compare that to a round on my own track.

    Thanks Jim

    Swing easy!

    Paul at Team Blind Apple

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