Buying a New Sand Wedge

Image from: is the day!  I have waited, researched, and mulled over the purchase of a new sand wedge.  Currently, I use a 30-year-old Ping Eye 2 Black Dot that has been golden for many years.  But, I rarely use it in the fairway because the bounce is too high….so it is time to retire one of my favorite clubs.

On an earlier post, “Choosing a New Wedge” I went through all the aspects to consider and linked you to for a more in-depth discussion.  I used these two sites extensively.  They were very helpful and greatly aided in my decision.

Next, I look at reviews.  Reviews are very important to cut through the hype of advertisement.  Virtually every site I went too rated the Titleist Vokey Wedge as the top wedge to buy.  Additionally, I looked at customer reviews because the average golfer has plenty to say and generally are more honest.  The Titleist Vokey Wedge still came out on top.  Next, I went to the Titleist website and found a very good guide to Vokey Wedges with information that could be applied when choosing any wedge.

After all of this, I have chosen to by the Titleist Vokey 56 degree wedge with an 8 degree bounce.  When I hit the links, I will let you know how my decision made out.  \Well, I am off to Golf Town….any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Buying a New Sand Wedge

  1. Welcome to the world of Vokey! I’m figuring that each major manufacturer makes a good wedge line, right? But for some reason, I’ve always trusted Vokey the most. Perhaps because I’m a Titleist guy overall (minus the Ping Anser 2 putter).

    Interested to hear how the 56 feels out of both bunkers and fairways & what kind of feedback you find. Did you go with any other wedges? I go 48 degrees (PW), 52, 56, 60 so I’m covered from about 130 yards and in. What’s in your bag wedge-wise?

    Have fun with the new tool. Practice away…


    • Rick

      Thanks. I also play 48, 52, 56, and 60 wedges. I purchased the 52 and 60 degree Vokey last year and love them. I took quite a bit of time to get the feel for the 60 degree wedge but I am getting better. I am remiss to give up my old sand wedge that my dad bought in the late 70s, because it has been so good to me. But it is time.

      I use four wedges as well. I had to give up my 5 wood (another favorite club) for the extra wedge. However, the new hybrid covers that distance. I believe I lowered my score by 3 strokes by making the change.

      I will let you know how the 56 degree feels out of the sand.

      See you on the links!



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