Chasing the Dream

How elusive is your golf dream?  If 100 people were asked this question, 101 answers would be given.  Chasing your dream in golf is very difficult, stressful, fun and exciting all at the same time.  It is all a matter of perception.

Perception vs RealityThe famous quote that “Perception is reality” absolutely applies to all golfers. In golf, many players have the dream of turning pro, hitting a hole-in-one, breaking par, breaking 100 or winning a nickel off their buddy during their Saturday money game. That is all dreams are; a varying degree of perception.

Through the years, my dreams have changed.  Mostly, they changed as my skill level increased. Thus, my perception of what is acceptable on the course changed and logically my reality changed.  In turn, I continue to chase my elusive golf dream.  For example:

  • I wanted a hole-in-one.  I now have 3 and chase 5!
  • I wanted to break par.  I have done so several times and now want too every year.
  • I am still chasing the extremely albatross….came close once – 2 inches.

But are these really dreams or milestones.  It depends on who you talk to and how they perceive their game of golf.

Other golf dreams may include things like golfing with fellow bloggers who live around the world.  Playing golf with my wife and daughter.  Regularly playing golf with my friend in the UK and letting him win.  Golfing in New Zealand or Australia.  Playing St. Andrews.  Always living for the moment on the golf course.  Helping someone start golf. The list can go on and on.

Through the years I have met many outstanding people through golf.  Some were on the course and others over a conversation. I have played on many outstanding courses and seen things that when I was young I could only dream about.  However, as the years pass and my fond memories grow; I just smile and reflect.

After much pondering I have concluded that:

My perception is that I will always chase the elusive golf dream;

My reality in golf is that it is all about the JOURNEY!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!


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