Now What!

Whats Next?The golf season is officially over for me!  It is a sad day, but not unexpected.  So now I have to prepare for the long off-season.  I have an idea of where to start, but I thought I would ask you first.

So, I am reaching out for ideas this year. Should I start with goal setting, a fitness program, finding new drills, asking experts, reading or nothing until January?

Well, all-seeing and all-knowing audience; What is your advice?


I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links in 6 months!

10 thoughts on “Now What!

  1. Great post Jim,

    You need to come to Australia and live. We play golf 12 months of the year and it’s fantastic.

    I don’t think I could survive not playing golf through Winter but I guess you would get used to it.



      • 1) I am grateful for this now’ moenmt.2) I am grateful for my desired’ mate who shall manifest in my life.3) I am grateful that my soul mate’ is presently desiring me! Smile!4) I am grateful for my wonderful twin sons!5) I am grateful that I am being directed into a new phase of my life on many levels.6) I am grateful for the clothing that’s wrapped around me.7) I am grateful, that while I don’t know my next moves in life, that I shall be guided, directed and supported.8) I am grateful for the coming awareness in this evening’ of my life.9) I am grateful for my siblings.10) I am grateful for what has disappeared’ from my life, to make space for what’s to come into my life.11) I am grateful that a few students recently shared with me that they feel free’ and creative’ in my class.12) I am grateful, that while I wasn’t up to going to the market today, that I have enough money to order pizza for my sons. Smile!13) I am grateful, that while my full-time job ends soon for the summer, that prosperity is all around me.Namaste.


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