How to Build a Golf……

Playing with Golf with My Buddy

What keeps you coming back to golf?

This is a very philosophical question.  Immediately when asked, most experts will say the swing.  Pundits point to mechanics immediately.  Most of the top sources outline a no fail way to build a golf swing and lower your score.  They also suggest that if you have a good golf swing, you automatically will have fun playing golf.  This hypothesis is not very sound or practical.

Experiences (history) are great teachers.  Think back through your life.  What do you see? When you first started something, anything at all, did you immediately jump into the mechanics of that something?  What was the first thing that attracted you to that activity? Remember the statement when we were growing up, ‘you will play and like it!’  ‘You will sing and like it!’  You will and on and on and on!

The reoccurring theme was fun.  But, fun may not be the exact motivator for beginners because fun only gets a person so far in golf.  Unfortunately, the frustration factor in golf is slightly higher than most sports and golf is costly.  Make no mistake, fun is extremely important and should be a major part of anyone’s reasons for golfing.

For some, the only reason to play golf is the social factor.  They enjoy meeting friends, some new people, and possibly total strangers on the links, but most want to stick to their friends. If it is just for the social factor, amateurs are likely to stick to people they know because the are a bit self-conscious golfing with strangers.

So far, we have answered part of the question of how do I build a golf – swing, fun or friendships.  These are all great aspects of golf that beginners will experience.  Is it enough to keep them interested?  Possibly, however I suggest there is one thing that will keep a player coming back again and again and again. What do you think it is?


Anything I have read when starting something new, learning a new skill, or experiencing something different, desire is the force behind if I continue.  Look at your life and the things you have accomplished – tell me that desire was not at the root of your success.  Tiger Woods states “Don’t force your kids into sports. I never was. To this day, my dad has never asked me to go play golf. I ask him. It’s the child’s desire to play that matters, not the parent’s desire to have the child play. Fun. Keep it fun.”  These words can apply to anyone at any age who is first learning.

Increase Your Desire to Succeed.  The story of any achiever is one of desire. All success, all achievement that is meaningful, and all success stories begin with desire. Desire grips people with an insatiable appetite for action. If you have sufficient desire to succeed, nothing can stop you from becoming a winner, a leader, or a high performer.” Desire is key to success in golf!

In golf, beginners are attracted to the game because they were invited, went on their own because it looked fun, or just had an epiphany one day.  The initial hook was set and fun will keep them coming back for a while, but as a casual ‘on or off player’ who could ‘take golf or leave it’.  But desire, that keeps them coming back.  Desire fuels their engines to want to develop a good swing.  Desire ignites the fire to want to practice to shoot lower scores.  And desire is the foundation to any beginner starting golf who ends up writing a golfing blog!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

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