Golf Season is Here!

After a long seven months golf season officially starts tomorrow.  Only 10 days off of my prediction of 15 April.  The weather is fantastic (interestingly, the forecast is for light rain later in the day but it is the first day of golf so I am ignoring the forecast) and I am prepared to another awesome season on the links.

It is unlikely that I will actually play any holes because of work, but it is best to practice a bit before I try anything crazy. Besides, each year I set a bronze, silver and gold goal for my first round.  If you have not figured it out, bronze = break 100; silver = break 90; gold = break 80. Normally, I achieve my silver goal, but have won the gold goal a couple of times.

Tomorrow at the course, I will gently hit balls on the range, chip for a few minutes and putt for a few minutes. My past experiences tells me to ease into the golf season to prevent early injuries. My plan for this golf season is a crawl, walk, run approach.  By starting of slow and easy, I will build on success, thereby enjoying my golf season longer.

DSCF7364So my car is packed (not to be unpacked until October unless absolutely necessary) and ready to go.  I have my clubs, two pairs of shoes, rain gear, umbrella, balls, a couple of hats and practice sticks. Now all I need to do his finish work and head to the course.  Today is an exciting day and golf season has officially started!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!


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