“I am Quitting Golf”

That is it, I have had enough! I am quitting golf!

How many times have you heard someone walking exasperated off the course, only to mutter those terrible words. They weave a tail of the course being too difficult, they have an injury or that their clubs are not suited for their game. I think that over 35+ years, I have heard almost every reason why someone is quitting golf. And not to my surprise, I see most of them on the links a couple of days later!

Proclaiming that it is time to quit golf is something I have never even considered. I have taken sometime off because of life, but to quit…..never! I guess I have been blessed with the desire to continue playing no matter how frustrated I feel when my game does not meet my expectations!

Having been around golf for so long, I believe that your ego and not managing your expectations about your golf game is what evokes the greatest stress and frustration while playing.

I have talked to players who play 5 to 10 times a year and expect they can keep up with players who actively improve their game. It is possible that someone can compete for a hole or two, but over the long haul, the player who does not play often usually fails to meet their expectations. As a result they walk away from their round feel frustrated and disappointed in their play.

I have also talked to players who play 50 rounds a year and have the same problem as described above. Yet, they refuse to change the way they play. Overall, it is an ego or expectations issue which prevents players from enjoying their round and uttering that they should quit golf.

I have talked about ego and expectations before and won’t repeat myself. However, there is a point to my diatribe. I am playing golf with my friend in just over a week on his home course. When we play, I will not have swung a club in about one month. Normally, I offer him strokes to even things out. I am not so sure I am willing to give him strokes this time (actually I might ask for stokes ) but that will be negotiated when I get to his house.

More importantly, I have to check my ego and expectations at the door. I am not suggesting that I will not try and score low, but I must keep in mind that I will be rusty and when things do not go the way I expect, to remain calm and remember that I am golfing in November! I must keep in mind that I am playing golf with my friend instead of working. I must keep in mind that no matter how I score, I must remain grateful for the opportunity to play golf on a new course.

I am looking forward to playing golf soon! And am very confident that I will be playing golf for a long, long time!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on ““I am Quitting Golf”

  1. Great post, Jim.

    Thanks for the voicing a clear perspective on this sometimes crazy frustrating game. To be a golfer, you must learn to stick with it and ride through the lows and stay in the moment and soak in the highs when those times inevitably come and go. When I go through my scorecards from the season, I feel like there must be two totally different player in me depending on how much “shot making” confidence is within me then.


  2. Jim hopefully you will hit the U.K. with expectations a little lower than the US Ryder Cup Team, but be able to execute a little better. I think you will beat the odds and bring some serious game. Enjoy! Brian

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