The Joys of Golf

Well tomorrow I am heading to visit my friends in the UK. I anticipate that we will laugh, joke, tell stories and of course hit the links! Despite the obvious, my trip offers many things for which I am grateful. My gratitude is not limited to being able to play golf in 18 degree weather in November, but is much larger than that!

Introspection allows me to look deep inside and realize that many of my joys in life have been a result of playing golf! Golf has afforded me the opportunity to travel, meet extremely interesting people, strike up conversations with complete strangers and provide me a light when I had to crawl out of dark places in my life!

I would be foolish to think that golf is the most important thing in my life because that is just not true. My wife, daughter, son in law and health are by far most important to me, however golf provides an opportunity to experience other joys for which I am grateful.

As I prepare for my trip to see my friends, I am grateful for the opportunity share great times on and off the golf course. I am grateful for the opportunity to play golf in the UK. I am grateful for the experience of playing golf on my friends home course and meet many of the people he talks about. And I am grateful for the 2 strokes aside he will give me!

The joys of golf are unique to each person. Only you can decide what drives your passion to play! Regardless, being grateful and mindful of what is being offered to you everyday will open many doors to happiness on and off the course!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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