Golf Report Card From 2014

Back in April, I reaffirmed a plan for my 2014 golf season. The intent was to improve my overall game to help achieve my goal of being a scratch golfer. My plan was met with varying success; so I thought I would share the goods, bads and uglies with you.

I have four main focus areas that help guide every golf season. With a plan in place, I am usually ready for anything on the links. Here is my plan:

  • get fit – focus on exercises designed to improve my golf game;
  • research – the drills and techniques required to improve my game;
  • practice – dedicate time to practice to improve my game; and
  • compete – either formally or informally compete every time I hit the links.
The Grateful Golfer in 2014!

The Grateful Golfer in 2014!

Well I can say that my overall fitness for the golf season was pretty good. I felt strong during most rounds and rarely waned heading down the home stretch. I could have improved on my physical strength, but that is what this off-season is for. I would rate my fitness a B+.

My research on drills and techniques continued all season. I improved my chipping, widened my stance, and found better methods to score low. I have shared these tips and drills through the year in my blog, and they might be worth taking a look at. Interestingly, I improved more in the last two months of the season because I started hitting the ball farther off the tee. I will continue researching better ways to improve this area this winter. I would rate my research as a solid A.

Practicing was up and down this year. I started off extremely strong, but slowed during various times in the season. When I did practice, I felt rushed and unfocused. I write about practicing with intent all the time and should heed my own advice. I would rate my practice as a C+.

I did compete a bit this year, but mostly in fun tournaments. This type of competition is not good for my competitive edge, but it is competition. I played in 2 stroke events and was underwhelming. My competitive edge was not as sharp as in years past, but keep in mind that my criticism is relative to my handicap. I would rate my competitive edge as a B.

So overall, my season was about average for sticking to my plan. It is amazing how quickly the season passed and by not staying focused, I think that I missed some opportunities to improve. However, the most surprising aspect of my entire 2014 golf season is that I dropped my handicap from 4.7 to 2.8!

Wait, before you say not nice things to me, I cannot believe it either. I had a 4 week period where I could do nothing wrong and I actually broke par once. From a pure handicap perspective, 2014 was a fantastic season.

Hopefully, I will build on my successes from this year and achieve my overall goal of being a scratch golfer.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



12 thoughts on “Golf Report Card From 2014

  1. Well done, Jim.
    Great to see that kind of improvement over the season! A goal to be scratch is amazing and with a plan and commitment I’m confident you can do it! I loved the post as you laid out 4 important elements to improve and I may find myself borrowing this as I revise my plans now that I’ve dropped to a single digit handicapper for the first time ever! I’ll enjoy following your exploits to further drop that handicap (while increasing the GAF!)

    Best, Mike.


    • Mike

      Thanks for the positive comments. I found that lowering my handicap after playing to a single digit handicap was a bit challenging. I really focused on the finer points, short game around the green, and staying calm throughout the entire round. I look forward to hearing how things go for you as well.



    • Brian,

      It was all putting. During my streak of great play, the hole looked like it was 5 feet wide. Second was my chipping. If I missed the green, I was chipping very close. Then it all seemed to stop. Strange, but something to work on.



  2. Jim,

    You’re well on your way to becoming a scratch golfer! You certainly realize what it is going to take and it’s good to hear you putting a plan into place. It doesn’t happen overnight, so patience is also key. We’re on the same page as far as getting to scratch, you’ve got a jump start going into next season with your 2.8 versus my 4.5 currently. Always nice to have someone with similar goals to relate to, and also to push and motivate you! Look forward to hearing about your progress in the off-season and into the 2015 golf season.



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