UK Golfing Adventure – Part 1

Norwood Golf Course 3 Nov 14 (2)

Waiting in the Cold at Heathrow Airport!

Arriving at Heathrow Airport on 30 Oct at 7 am was the start of my thrilling four-day golfing adventure with my best friend, Kirk. The arrangements were made and he was at the airport (with coffee in hand), waiting to pick me up. Have you ever heard the saying,  “don’t change the plan!”, well if not, then let me explain!

Foolishly, I left the arrival area thinking I could help the situation by going to the car pick area. Yup, I left the arrivals and went…. I bet you can see where this is going! After two hours of standing in the cold, my phone rang and it was my buddy questioning where I was. He was in the lower level and I was at the upper level of the same terminal waiting for each other. There is little question I was to blame for “changing the plan” and everyone has had a great laugh at my expense since. I will again apologize to my friend for being dopey!

Hampton Court Palace_31 Oct 14 (4)

Borrow Clubs at the practice range!

After a rough start, things went famously. We quickly visited his darling wife to say hello, hit a few balls at a range and then headed to the Northwood Golf Club. I was borrowing his son’s clubs (and golf balls) while I was on my adventure which worked out better than expected.

The next day we headed to Hampton Court Palace Golf Course. After playing 18 holes on Henry the VIII old hunting grounds, I was a bit overwhelmed by the majestic nature of my surroundings! Having dreamed of playing in the UK (and other parts of Europe) for ever, I was finally crossing this off my bucket list! Kirk told me I was going to get the “royal treatment” and he was absolutely right!

The next two days were spent golfing and hanging out! Having been to London before, I enjoyed exploring the Middlesex area by looking at the old architecture and relishing in the local colour. We ate at the local restaurants, drove by places like Moor Park Golf Club, and just enjoyed hanging out!

The Royal Treatment!

The Royal Treatment!

On the last day it rained, but this did not stop the competition for the duck. I wrote about that earlier and will recount some of those adventures later. But, let’s just say I am still the holder of “the duck“!

Over the next few articles, I will provide more details of my UK Golf Adventure. These adventures will include a couple of course reviews and more tidbits of my awesome time in the UK.

Thanks Kirk for “the royal treatment”! I look forward to repaying your kindness very soon!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “UK Golfing Adventure – Part 1

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  2. Jim,

    I love hearing travel stories, especially when they involve golf! Thanks for sharing.

    And don’t worry, we’ve all had our “mishaps” at the airport while being picked up, or picking someone up! All part of the adventure.

    Look forward to more stories about your trip and some details of the courses you played!



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