Golf Etiquette On The Pro Tour

Etiquette is important to the spirit of golf. They are many unwritten guidelines that make sure everyone enjoys the game of kings. Of all the players involved in golf, I would expect professionals to display the highest levels of etiquette. As the élite of my favorite sport, there is an expectation that they conduct themselves in a reasonable and professional manner.

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Golf Etiquette is Important For Everyone to Know!

A while back, I wrote an article about “Etiquette on the Green“. In it, I outlined many do’s and don’ts of being on the green. It is something I believe is very important and should be on the mind of all players, novice and professional. However, I did not touch on an etiquette incident I notice earlier this week.

While watching Thursday’s round of the Northern Trust Open, I noticed something that I thought was a breach of etiquette, but after discussion with a work mate (who is an avid golfer) I am not so sure. Maybe you can help me out, am I being paranoid or not?

On the 10th green, a player had lined up his putt and was preparing to execute his shot. Off to his left, another player was patiently waiting for his turn to play. As the original player made contact with his ball, the second player started walking towards his ball. Now, I applaud the second players actions to speed up play, but this is where I thought he went over the line.

With the ball still in motion, the second player walked between the person putting and their ball. At first I thought I was seeing things, but after the replay, it was true. The breach of etiquette for me was that he blocked the view of the ball from the person playing while it is still in play. Watching your ball until in completely stops is a great habit to get into because it provides a better understanding of the break on their next shot. So someone blocking your view, in my opinion, is a breach of etiquette.

So, am I crazy or what? Should the second player have stayed still until the ball finished rolling? Maybe walked around the person playing? What are your thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


10 thoughts on “Golf Etiquette On The Pro Tour

  1. Just seems like bad manners, denying the first golfer the privilege of watching their play, including the potential of it sinking. the second golfer comes across as selfish


  2. Jim, I wouldn’t have done it, so yes I think it’s a breach, but a minor one. Compared to moving while a playing partner is preparing or in the process of making a stroke, it is a small mistake. Thanks,



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