2015 Toronto Golf & Travel Show

Toronto Golf Show logoThe Toronto Golf & Travel Show did not disappoint. It was a mecca of golf for three days at the International Centre by Pearson International Airport! With 100s of booths, there was something for everyone. As I strategically walked my way through the maze of everything golf, it was easy to get swept up in the excitement of all the golfing possibilities.

There was something for everyone! If travel was your thing, well you could take trips to Central America and Mexico. Of course, the US was well represented. Of direct interest to me was the availability of golfing opportunities in the Northeastern US states. With only a few hours drive from my home, the opportunity to play some great courses for cheap is appealing. But, of all the travel locations, these three were my highlights:

Scotland. The two gents representing golf in Scotland were great. They chatted up the benefits of playing in the country that invented golf. Their bottom-line was, anything you want for golf, they could provide. They understood the value of providing all the transport and accommodations requirements associated with a golf trip and were well prepared. The fact that they gave out a bottle of scotch each day was not the deciding factor as to why I really enjoyed talking to these guys. They just love talking golf. Couple websites to check out are Golf East Lothian and Saltire Executive Golf.

PEI. The folks from PEI were awesome! We talked for about 15 minutes about PEI being an untapped golfing paradise. Within a short drive of Charlottetown, there are plenty of golf courses to satisfy all golfers. They talked about how PEI offers more than just golf, it is a fun family holiday destination. Also, the folks at the Golf PEI booth were giving out fresh oysters…..mmmmm. PEI is on my bucket list of places to golf. Check out Golf PEI if you want more info.

Cobble Beach Golf Course. Warren Thomas and his crew were outstanding! They had a state of the art golfing simulator that garnered plenty of attention. I tried three shots and came to with 8 feet on a 100 yard island green hole. It was very cool. If I only had $15,000 lying around, I could purchase a similar simulator and be set during the winter.  Cobble Beach Golf Course, located near Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, looks like a great course to play. Additionally, they offer a free round of golf on your birthday. What a great deal! I am looking forward to playing Cobble Beach in the future.

An honourable mention goes out to the chaps at Willow Valley Golf Course. They were great to talk too and had a fun game where you drop a chip in the top of a board and watch it ricochet down to a prize. I won a hotdog and pop. I was pretty excited until they told me I had to come to the course to collect! Well, we all had a great laugh and I just might take them up on their offer!

These above highlights were only a small part of the sights I saw at the Toronto Golf & Travel Show. My next post will be about other aspects of the Toronto Golf and Travel Show that may peak your interest. So stay tuned!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “2015 Toronto Golf & Travel Show

  1. Jim,

    Sounds like a great time at the show! Golfing in Scotland is high on my bucket list as well. I don’t know much about PEI golf so I will check out the link. I definitely want to go to Cabot Links (and soon to be Cabot Cliffs) in Nova Scotia…if going all that way from Alberta, it might be worth it to also go to PEI!

    Thanks for sharing



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