The Sweet Spot on Your Putter

Every club has a sweet spot! It is that one place on the club face where the ball reacts as intended by travelling straight and long. Most golfers understand this simple concept when they talk about their driver, irons or wedges. But most amateurs do not think the same way when they use their putter.

When making a putt, the intent is to make solid, square contact between the putter head and the ball. To find the sweet spot on your putter, look at the back and you will see a dot or a line indicating the centre or sweet spot of your putter. Sometimes there is a line on top of the putter head that can be used as a guide during your putting stroke.

Putt Centre


Hitting the all in the centre of your club face is very important. By doing so, the ball will bounce off the putter consistently every time. Also, it helps with judging the speed of the ball because the same stroke will produce the same distance every time. By hitting the ball off-centre of the putter face, the ball will not travel as far as it normally would. This contact inconsistency sometimes leads players to think the green is slow, but in fact it is the fault of the putting stroke.

Putt Toe


Unintentionally hitting the ball off the toe of the club causes the club face to open. The result is the ball will travel right of line (for right-handed players). Additionally, the ball will not travel as far as discussed above. Now, sometimes players, including myself, will intentionally hit the ball off the toe of their putter. This is usually done when the greens are very fast, you have a slick down hill putt or a hard breaking putt from right to left. For me, when I intentionally hit the ball off the toe, I ever so slightly grip tighter with my left hand to make sure the putter face remains square during contact.

Putt Heel


Unintentionally hitting the ball off the heel causes the club face to close. As a result the ball will start left of its intended line (for right-handed players). The ball will not travel as far either. I never intentionally hit the ball off the heel, but logic would suggest the results would be opposite than hitting it off the toe. Maybe one of the readers can help us out with their explanation of intentionally hitting the ball of the heel of their putter.

I try to intentionally hit the ball in the centre of my putter most of the time. To practice hitting the sweet spot, I use two tees on either side of the putter head. The tees are just wide enough so the putter can travel through when making my stroke. It is important to pay attention to the placement of the ball in between the two tees. You want to make sure you are placing the ball in line with the putter sweet spot.

Lastly, the three putter drills provided in the video below are new. I have not seen them before and think they would great for us house bound players waiting for the snow to melt. My favorite drill is the first one. Which is yours?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.


6 thoughts on “The Sweet Spot on Your Putter

  1. I always hit intentionally off the toe.My problem is that I tend to pull puts and now by hitting off the toe I find the cup much more often


  2. Jim

    Hitting it in the centre of the putter seems like such a simple thing since its a small stroke relative to other swings. so practicing it is often overlooked by amateurs. Very important though to get the ball on line with your intended pace more often. Good post!



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