Golf Season is on its Way!

DSCF7212I figure there is 30 days left before I hit the golf course. We still have 3 feet of snow on the ground, but the warm weather is on its way. Normally, I expect golf season to start on 15 April, but this year I am predicting I will be swing my clubs a week earlier.

In the meantime, I have some things to do. I have mentioned before about my yearly traditions and I plan to do those over the next 30 days. The most important tradition is to read the rule book. I think this is critical for my goal to compete more this year. Additionally, I will see if there are any new rule interpretations that are coming in play this year.

I will get my equipment out and give it a very good cleaning. I think it is important to focus on my grips. A good cleaning early in the season will help them last the season.

Lastly, I will check to see what needs to be replaced. I know many of you have done this already, but with 30 days left, it is time to prepare.

I am excited that golf season is around the corner, all I have to do is continue to be patient, train, and focus on the positive aspects of my 2015 golf season!

What are you doing to get ready for 2015?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

18 thoughts on “Golf Season is on its Way!

  1. Jim

    I’m still traveling, but after I’m back this weekend I’m going to be focusing on conditioning and mental game to kick off the season. Rumor has it the snow is gone in Calgary and some people have played golf already! I might wait till the grass gets greener since I’ve been fortunate enough to play for a few months this winter. Sounds like you’ve got a great plan!



  2. Jim,

    I have a tee time next Saturday, 8 inches of the white stuff that still needs to melt, and 50 degree temps forecast all week. If it’s all gone it’s going to be very sloppy. I don’t think we’ll be playable by then. Other than that, got a tee time in MB on Masters Friday and will surely open my season by then. Stay patient, it’s almost here!



  3. That’s awesome Jim, I can sense the excitement!

    I’ve always been nuts about my grips. In a typical season, I’lol regrip twice. But, I keep costs down by doing them myself. I buy supplies at Golf Galaxy, then have at it in my garage.

    Nothing like the feel of fresh Tour Velvets. What’s your grip of choice?


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