Jordan Spieth Wins the 2015 Masters

mastersCongratulations to Jordan Spieth for winning his first green jacket. His steady play on Sunday was more than enough to put his first Major in his pocket.

Spieth’s seesaw round was a bit of a surprise to some, but not unexpected by most. His ability rebound for a bogey is what makes champions. The pundits suggested that before the round, Spieth should play more cautiously than the previous three rounds; but with 6 birdies and 3 bogies, he was playing flat-out. The question on most experts mind this morning about how the double bogey on the 17th hole on moving day would affect his game was quickly answered. It didn’t! Jordan Spieth earned his first Major Championship by winning the 2015 Masters….perhaps, the first of many.

Other notables today were all the players between 4th and 9th position. In reality after everything was all said and done, they were playing for second place. Their low scores were just a little to late. In most tournaments, one exceptional round would put a player in contention to win, but a Major, not so much. It takes at least two and usually three great rounds to win any Major. But, hats off that group for making a great showing down the stretch.

Jordan Spieth was not my first choice to win the 2015 Masters. I thought that Rory McIlroy would complete his career grand slam, but not this year. This feat is very rare, but McIlroy has plenty of time to yet. Overall, I was 50/50 selecting players to win. Here is how I made out:

  • Phil Mickelson – T2
  • Jimmy Walker – T39
  • Jason Day – T28
  • Jordan Spieth – 1st
  • Rory McIlroy – 4th
  • Dark Horse – Matt Kuchar – T46

Overall, not too to bad. I did, however, think that Jimmy Walker would have played better at Augusta this year. He only stepped on to the Major’s scene last year, so he does not have the seasoning that other players have. Although he is considered one of the hottest players in golf right now, playing in a Major is extremely difficult and he may need a bit more seasoning before he is ready to compete at that level.

It was exciting to watch Jordan Spieth rise to the élite ranks by winning his first Major. At 21 years old, he has many years ahead where he can continue to excite the golfing world. He reminds me of a young Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods; hopefully he will be able to handle the new notoriety and stay in form for many years to come.

Again, Congratulations to Jordan Spieth on winning the 2015 Masters.

Bring on The Open!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Jordan Spieth Wins the 2015 Masters

  1. Jim,

    What a performance by young Spieth! And what a great kid, too.

    I’ll also take this opportunity to brag and remind you that I did in fact predict the Spieth win a few weeks back. I guess I’m 1-up with 3 to play 😉


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  2. I can’t believe the mental toughness of this kid at such a young age. Most people who lead the first round can’t keep it together and a lot crumble on day 3 or 4. He is so focused and not much phased him, that reminded me of a young Tiger for sure.

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    • Mac

      I am sure many will be making the same comparison. I suggest he plays for a couple more years, wins at least two or three more majors before anyone gets carried away. It was great to see him keep his mental toughness through the entire 4 rounds!



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