Rory McIlroy – What Have You Done!

The Open 2015The announcement that Rory McIlroy tore the ligaments in his left ankle has caught the attention of all golfing fans! I am sure many of you have already heard that last year’s Open champion may not be raising the Claret Jug above his head in 2015. To many, this is devastating news; to some it is troubling; and to others, the news is met with apathy. I am not sure where you stand on the issue, but here is my take!

I will be disappointed that McIlroy may miss The Open because he makes the field stronger and the event more exciting. He adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to any Major, and as defending champion, he would have been a strong favorite.

But, The Open is much bigger than one player. The field will be filled with the top players in the world and only 70 of those will be playing on the weekend. With so many first time winners on tour this year, it is impossible to eliminate any player before the first ball is struck. There are some favorites, but, the fact the McIlroy may miss the third Major of 2015 will not be the end of golf.

I am disappointed for Rory McIlroy. I hope he has a speedy recovery and is back hitting 300+ drives very soon. His accident is a life thing and could have happened to anyone.

What is your opinion Rory McIlroy’s situation?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

13 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy – What Have You Done!

  1. Hi Jim, I know someone who suffered this injury, it took two years before it healed, that is mentally as well as physically. The golf swing ends on the left foot, supporting the weight, and the ankle also taking the torque. This person never played golf again, and to be honest I would be surprised if Rory plays again this year.

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  2. Jim,

    It’s certainly too bad that Rory will likely miss The Open. I’m a bit torn on the situation, no pun intended. I agree that these guys shouldn’t “live in a bubble”, however, there is a time and a place for everything. Was playing soccer with his buddies 10 days before The Open the best timing to “live free”? Maybe not. Is he entitled to do that, and was the accident unfortunate, absolutely. Although these guys are independent contractors of sorts, they also have obligations to their sponsors forking out millions of dollars to have them showcase their brand at the biggest events. I can’t imagine Nike’s first reaction behind closed doors was “well, that’s unfortunate, but good on him for getting out there and living his life”…… it was probably more like “What the bleep, are you bleeping kidding me Rory?!” …. then on the flip side, he will be contending in major events for a long, long time and missing one event with an injury isn’t going to hurt his career, or the brand, too much. As I said, I’m torn.


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    • Josh

      You raise some good points. I would suggest that his obligation to his sponsors is fleeting. Yes, when on the golf course, he must represent his sponsors in a mature and professional matter, but he could have easily slipped down the stairs. I appreciate your position, thanks for commenting.



      • Jim,

        I see your point. However, it is worthwhile to differentiate between a sports injury, which is common, and a freak accident like getting hurt in a trivial everyday activity like walking down the stairs. Regardless of contractual obligations, I can’t imagine anyone paying him hundreds of millions of dollars would be thrilled. I’d sure be willing to make some sacrifices to make sure I stayed fit and healthy during the peak of the season if I were in that situation. Either way, it’s unfortunate he won’t be there.


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      • Sure hope so Jim! Although a little soccer injury with their star athlete is nothing compared to what they went through with Tiger 😉

        The Open will go on, and it will be exciting!


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  3. Hi Jim
    The “outrage” I’m reading from a number of comments on various sites regarding Rory’s injury astounds me! I’m with you, this can happen to anyone – backyard BBQ, playing at the beach on vacation, etc.

    Here’s a young man, having fun with his mates and he gets hurt. It’s a bummer, but I’m glad he was having fun and enjoying himself, you know?

    He’ll be back, hopefully fully recovered, and we as fans can watch him again. Until that time, plenty more great players to watch. I’d love to see Jason Day play well at the Open!


  4. Jim, agreed. Disappointing but could have happened to anyone. You can’t expect these guys to live life like a china doll. He’ll be back next year.




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