Professional Golf Winners


PGA TOURI am calling it early! Congratulations to Jason Day on his first Major! His win at the PGA Championship solidifies that day is an élite player and a force that cannot be ignored! His play was rock solid and the fact he was chased by Jordan Spieth only solidifies his place in history. Congratulations Jason.

Additionally, congratulations to Brooke M. Henderson. The young Canadian phenom who crushed the field at the Cambia Portland Classic, Portland, Oregon. At 17 years of age, this win will all but ensure Henderson will earn her card for the LPGA tour in 2016. Congratulations Brooke!

LPGAThe future of golf is bright! The multitude of young players on both tours is amazing. Golf is entering into a new era that will see players dominate, but only for a short time! The feeder tours are growing in strength and the road to the big leagues is challenging and exciting! If you have not had the opportunity to watch these mini tours, I suggest it is worth your while to make a day of it.

Congratulations to Jason Day and Brooke M. Henderson on their wins this weekend!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Professional Golf Winners

  1. Jim,

    What a great weekend for golf! I am happy for Jason Day (and, yes, I picked him in my predictions!), and really excited for fellow Canadian Brooke Henderson. We have a long wait until the Masters now, but at least we have a lot of fond memories to look back on from this major season.


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