Frankly, I’d Rather Be Golfing!

“Frankly, I’d rather be golfing” is a saying my Mom used often. Whenever she would look around at the chores that needed to be done, her thoughts would generally revert back to how she could squeeze in a quick nine. Taking the game up at 44, Mom was instantly bit by the golfing bug. From the moment she swung her first club with my Dad, they embarked on an adventure for the rest of their lives.


The plaque on the bench at Paragon Golf Course, Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Golfing for over 30 years, my Mom spent many a happy time on the course. With 4 holes-in-one, she was a student of the game and always looked for ways to improve (without practicing too much!). We had many opportunities to play together and I cherish those moments every day!

Moms Bench

Mom’s bench at the 14th tee box of Paragon Golf Course in Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mom is playing with my Dad now and I am sure she is doing her best to beat him at every opportunity. Mom was always a fierce competitor, yet never remember as one by her friends. She was considered a gentle soul who took the time to help others, share a comforting smile, and take every gimmie you gave her. My recent visit to Paragon Golf Course was a walk down memory lane and I appreciate all the positive comments by everyone I talked too! Mom was definitely one of a kind!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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