Golfing In Formation



This is a typical sight on a golf course. Everyone moves along at a steady place and as happenstance has it, we are all aligned in a golfing formation the would rival the RCAF Snowbirds or the USAF Thunderbirds!

When playing in a foursome, where people stand during someone’s shot is very important. It is critical to great golf etiquette and has a direct impact to the shooter. When waiting for someone to play it is important to understand field of view, proximity, and respecting their personal space.

Field of view is pretty self explanatory. It is important that the waiting player not stand in a sport where the player can see them during their shot. So, those players who stand directing behind the player during a swing should move off the side to stay out of the field of view of the player. Everyone golfer is different and it is important to know where to stand. Personally, I am not usually fussed where people stand, but I would prefer if they stood at a 45 degree angle,   about 10 feet away. However, that is not always possible, so I have learned to be flexible.

Proximity is important for noise. If you are close enough for a player to hear you doing anything, you are too close. I have played with many players who fidget with things while waiting, they end up breaking the ambient noise of the golf course. All I can suggest is that the person waiting stop fidgeting or move further away from the person making the shot.

Last is personal space. I enjoy talking to my fiends on the golf course. That usually means that we stand nearer to each other when playing. Unfortunately, some strangers like to stand to close and quietly chat when someone is talking. I do not like this, actually I suggest most golfers feel the same way. I recommend that a 5 foot ring when talking to someone you do not know well is a good distance. If you have to get closer because you a have to whisper something during someone’s shot, maybe it can wait.

Golfing in formation is important. Proper etiquette is important so everyone can enjoy their precious time on the links. What do you think? Do you have other formation tips?

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Golfing In Formation

  1. Unless directly in the way, I move up to my ball as opposed to wait behind my playing partners. I also prefer they do this when I am playing, mainly because it allows for ready golf, i.e. I hit my ball while your taking your practice swings. Obviously this is not always possible depending on the position of everyone’s shots. I am not really fussy about where people stand as long as I have room to swing.


    • Brewcee

      My normal group plays that way on the weekends. We are familiar with each other and it does not bother us. When there is a new players, we are a bit more cautious. I like players to move quickly from point A to point B, and what you do is pretty much in line with what we do. Thanks for weighing in.



  2. Jim,

    I find especially with new people, I tend to give them more space than usual. Better to play it safe than disrupt someone’s mojo on the course!

    My big pet peeve is people whispering to each other when you’re about to hit, and they think you can’t hear them, but you can. I’ll often step back and glance over at them. They usually get the hint haha


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