Golf Drill: Making Solid Contact

Solid, consistent contact between the ball and the club face is paramount to great golf. I am always looking for new and innovative drills to share with The Grateful Golfer Community! Additionally, I think it is important that the drills are easy to duplicate and provide immediate feedback to the player.

At, Steve Astle of the East Midlands Golf Academy talks though a drill that you can use on the practice ground to help you improve your ball striking. This drill improves the consistency of your ball striking making sure create a quality contact with the ball every time.

This is a great drill for me to use during my practice sessions in the spring of 2016. I have never used impact tape before and for the life of me cannot understand why! Before I rush out and buy some, have anyone of you used impact tape before? If so, are you pro or con?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “Golf Drill: Making Solid Contact

  1. Jim, impact tape is great to get visual feedback! Used it all the time when I was fitting back in the “dark ages” before launch monitors and various forms of technology took over lesson tees 🙂

    You cam also use a dry erase marker on your club face or buy a can of Dr. Schol’s foot spray (sprays on white) or use baby powder….cheP variations that work well.

    Use these things from the putting green back to full driver things and never say “I wonder where I’m hitting this?” again.

    Good thought man!

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    • Rick,

      Thanks for the other tips. I have never used any of these indicators before. However, I did, recently, use a range with red paint on the balls. I found that the residual paint on my club was helpful. Never thought to equate that to tape. Always learning!


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