Really Look to Learn in Golf

How many golf videos do you watch in the off-season? Do you watch the golf videos or do you ‘watch’ the golf video! I look at plenty that show great shots into the green, shots off the tee, and putts made from miles away! But to learn something, it is important to really look at the video!

Watch Jason Day’s swing in slow motion:

Now for an amateur:

What did you see? Did you notice anything that would help your game? There are so many moving parts in Day’s perfect rhythm that it is difficult to dissect anything that might be helpful for you game. The amateur’s swing is less smooth, but something helpful could still be found if you really look!

To break down any swing, I have a system. It is a 5 part process that works well for me and I use it whether I am watching Jason Day’s swing or any amateur. I believe I can learn something from every swing. Here is what I do:

  1. First, determine what I want to improve. As an example, I want to generate more power during contact. I would look at Day’s swing (several times) to find a single point of interest. In this case it would be Day’s hips.
  2. Then, I would only focus on that particular part of his swing. I already know that I am having trouble with my hips not sliding forward in my swing; so I would narrow my focus to Jason Day’s left hip.
  3. Next, I try to breakdown Day’s left hip motion into different segments. Breaking down each swing into segments helps find something I can hopefully duplicate. In Jason Day’s swing, I would break down his left hip into: stance, backswing, top of the swing, down swing, contact, and follow through. I might seem like a lot to focus on, but the process gets easier from here.
  4. I pick out two segments of my biggest challenge. In comparison to my swing, I would focus on Day’s left hip position at the top of his swing and during contact. These two positions, if I could duplicate, would greatly enhance my power off the tee!
  5. Lastly, I practice and practice and practice. I start with movements without a club. When I feel comfortable, I start using a club to develop a feel for my new changes. After I am comfortable, it is time to hit golf balls!

This 5 step process works very well for me! I allows me to focus on small changes of my swing with big results. I can use this process while watching any player at any. It takes practice, but after a few tries, you might be surprised on how quickly you notice small aspects of anyone’s swing that will help your game.

Regardless of who you are watching, if you really look, you will learn something.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



2 thoughts on “Really Look to Learn in Golf

  1. Jim,

    There is certainly a lot we can learn from watching the pros! Although it’s probably not good for most people to try and copy their entire swings, pulling out components of it in areas we want to improve can be really useful.


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