Golf Apps for 2016

Are you intrigued by golf apps? I have tried many, but have never really found the right app to keep me interested. Many offer unique features from taking pictures, a GPS, scorecards, or just plain games. Most offer in-app purchases which I fully understand, yet I have not actually taken the step to pay for an upgrade.

However, I did find a free golf app that I do enjoy. It is not a game, it does not offer tips, but it is great for my game. It is the Rules of Golf by the R&A. (The USGA has a Rules of Golf App as well. Both have versions for android and iPhones.)

randa_rules_of_golf_01This app is extremely easy to use. It offers a short over-view guide of the rules, a full set of rules, a section on etiquette and a quiz.

Each section provides great details on the rules of golf in a simple and easy to understand format. What I enjoy most about this golf app is the etiquette part.

The etiquette section touches on the spirit of the game, safety, consideration for other players, pace of play, priority on the course, care of the course, and penalties for breach. Although some of the areas could be expanded a bit, I was pleased to hear that they actually took the time to add a section on etiquette because it is an important aspect of the game.

Golf apps are a growing part of golf. I am just starting to explore them and to date, this is may favorite app.

Do you have one? If you do, pass on the name so we can all check it out!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Golf Apps for 2016

  1. I put the R&A Rules of Golf app on my phone a couple years ago and can say I like having it, but have never really used it in that time.

    I have used a few different apps for tracking my game, OBO Golf was one that I really liked, but they shut down the app last year after being sold to SkyGolf 360. I now use the Nike Golf 360 app, which is pretty simple, doesn’t track as much as I would like, but it does the trick and is easy to use.

    I have a laser range finder so have never explored any of the GPS apps.

    There have been a few other apps I have fiddled with over the past couple of years, but nothing really stuck.

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      • From the R&A website: On the course, subject to any club or course regulations, a multi-functional device may be used to phone, text, email or to look up general information, provided the purpose is not a breach of the Rules, e.g. you cannot make a phone call to ask for advice.
        So I assume we can!


      • Rob

        I would assess that using a phone app of the rules in not a breach of the rules because we would not be asking advice, but clarification of the rules. It would be no different, in my view, then pulling out a rule book. However, it is a great question that will require more research. Thanks.



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