Are You Ready for the Masters?

mastersThe Masters is less than 50 days away! For us snowbound golfing fanatics, April cannot come too soon enough. This year, approximately 95 of the worlds best golfers will make the yearly journey to Augusta Georgia, to vie for the ‘Green Jacket’! This year, The Masters will be played from 7-10 April; are you ready?

Of all the Majors, this one is my favorite. It starts off my golfing season and it is an opportunity get excited to play as I watch the world’s best slug it out. Apparently, I am not alone with view of The Masters stature among the Majors.

The Masters is fast approaching and the media hype will grow exponentially. As the first Major slowly knocks the days down, I like to follow all the news, images, and comments on who is the best, worst, and dark horse! I have found a couple of sites that helps pass the time:

Of course these are the low hanging fruit when it comes to The Masters news, but this year, I plan to expand my list of sites and blogs dedicated to this great tournament. So, if you have any favorites to share, pass them on and I will add them to the list!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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