Fantasy Golf League

Roundel Glen 06 Jul 14 (7)

Duck Sighting!

For the past two years I have belonged to two fantasy golf leagues. Each has a different format, yet both require me to weekly select 4 or 6 players depending on the league. I enjoy trying to figure out who is hot and who is not, but for the most part, I suck at selecting the hot player on any given week.

The Golf Channel Fantasy Golf League and PGA Tour Fantasy League driven by AVIS offer different criteria for player selection. Neither is better, but both are extremely tough. Both the leagues offer an opportunity to compete against other golfing fans and maybe some bragging rights!

At the Northern Trust Open, I had polar opposite results.

In the Golf Channel Fantasy League one of my selections did not make cut so I quickly dropped down the standings. I finished in the bottom third of the players this week and I am ranked 20003 of 33153 overall.

In the PGA Tour Fantasy League, I had my best week ever! Within the overall league, I belong to three leagues and this week I finished 21 of 9530, 5 of 3547, and 2 of 957! Of course, my yearly standing is not quite as high, but another couple of weeks like this and who knows where I will end up.

Sometimes it is important to do things just for fun! Joining a fantasy golf league is one of those things. It does not cost anything and you just never you know, you might be very good at it!

Are you participating in a fantasy golf league? If so, which one?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Golf League

  1. Jim, I was the commish of a fantasy golf league about 20 years ago (before the advent of on-line fantasy sports). We kept all our stats in home generated spreadsheets which we did the research on ourselves. If you dedicated yourself to it, you could gain a real advantage over your playing partners. Tis not the case nowadays as everyone has access to the same high quality data on I also grew tired of chasing after everyone to pay their entry fees so I’m retired from the game. It is fun and I do miss it sometimes. Enjoy your league play!



  2. Jim,

    I am doing the Golf Channel one. After picking the winner right out of the gates (Spieth at the ToC), I’ve really struggled since then! It seems that the guys I pick always get hot the week after I pick them, or were hot the week before and then miss the cut once I pick them. Golf Fantasy is a mind bender sometimes!



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