Olympic Golfing Trophy

At the Toronto golf show this year, I was surprised to see the Olympic Golfing Trophy in all its glory! It was very impressive and it was setup beside the RBC Canadian Open Trophy. These displays were both ‘no-touch’ displays, but pictures were more than acceptable.  I enjoy looking at most things historical and seeing both of these trophies was a very special treat.












Golf is going to reappear in the Olympics after 100 years.  It is an exciting time for all golfers who (after much debate with those who do not think that golf is a “real sport”)  never believed that golf should never have been dropped in the first place. Seeing this trophy was very exciting. I really enjoy the Olympics and I am interested to see how golf fairs this year in Rio de Janeiro.

Regardless of your view, I think the Olympics are better for including golf! I am interested to watch some of the world’s best players vie for an Olympic golf medal. More importantly, it will be fantastic to watch the Canadian flag raise over the podium as repeat Olympic golf gold medalists!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Olympic Golfing Trophy

  1. Jim
    I kind of side with Brian but the horse has left the barn on this topic. The concept of amateur athletics is lost on today’s big money manufacturers and sponsors. The olympics are an avenue to “sell your game” globally. Anyway let’s leave that for another day.
    Btw – I worked for RBC for 20 years and I’m glad the have continued to be sponsor for golf related activities.

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  2. Jim, I have gone on and on about why professional golfers should not be in the Olympics so I will spare you another diatribe. I will say that I’ll look forward to your blog post on how Olympic golf went because I will be watching swimming, diving, gymnastics and the other true Olympic sports, but not golf.




    • Brian,

      I definitely understand your view, but I guess we will see what happens after the Olympics. I think the biggest challenge is how the selection process goes, but that is another blog. As always, I enjoy hearing what you have to say.


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